Speaking of benign neglect….here come some good photos

A while back I mentioned that my mother’s philosophy of raising children was one of benign neglect. Bonnie, mother of eleven children, joked, "And that’s a bad thing?" I say no. It certainly was the case on occasion around here and now that the kids are somewhat gone I’m continuing the tradition with my garden, which is also a child of mine. My energy for tending it comes in fits and starts, sort of like my energy for parenting. But I guess when I do tend  to things, I do it well. At least I’Wheelbarrowm pleased with the outcome, both with the children and the garden. Here is a series of photos I took today.

As you can see, I go for the wild cottage garden, bordering on weed pile, effect. But in the midst of things there are some fine specimens and the promise of a good crop of tomatoes, per usual. (Lu will be happy to know that I’m about to post a series of homemade pasta sauce, hot sauce -4 levels going all the way to Hell- and gazpacho recipes.) I noticed the last load of compost in the wheel barrow was flourishing today when I went out to check on the peppers and tomatoes.

In my garden you just have to look close to get beyond the big (messy) picture.The little bee photo is magnified times five. That’s a solitary Lobelia flower measuring less than 1/2 inch and the bee is less than 1/4 inch. I couldn’t decide whether he was a baby or a dwarf.GardenrunamokPurplemoonBeeSweetpeasPromise_1

10 responses to “Speaking of benign neglect….here come some good photos

  1. I LOVE your garden!! Oh, thank you so much for sharing your pictures!

    I saw Lu’s recipes; are we now sharing our favorites? I can play that game too!

    Sharing is so kind; all the cool kids are doing it.

    When it comes to gardens, I think careful neglect produces the prettiest ones.

  2. Beautiful pictures! You must be doing something right in that garden.

  3. Gorgeous! I’m a weed lover myself.. (not that kind of weed! Geesh) Queen Anne’s Lace is one of my favorite flowers.

    Am I the only one that gets positively giddy over tomatoes flourishing on the vine? I can’t wait to see your recipes…don’t forget the one for the salmon!

    Yes, Mamacita!! Show us what you got.

  4. You have a glorious garden, Vicki!

    “My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant’s point of view.”~H. Fred Ale

    That about sums up my parenting experience, too.

    Those 4th of July cookies were delicious (not as good as what Lu said) so I’m looking forward to a recipe exchange, as well!

  5. I’m absolutely envious of your garden. Perhaps one day mine will look like that. I can hope can’t I?

  6. I love the wild garden! I have a space on the side of my house that I want to be just a total hodge podge of flowering and pretty stinkin’ plants.

    P.S. I’m guest blogging at Jenorama while Kazoofus is down.

  7. Wow! Those flowers are so pretty they could be plastic.

    (P.S. Sell short bees short on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. My tip of the week.)

  8. Beautiful! I love finches too, and have about tripped over myself trying to get a picture. No luck yet 😉

  9. Heyyy look at all these people commenting I don’t know… I’m jealous 🙂 I love your pictures MORE.

    Anddd my philosphy on weeds is this: A weed is anything in your garden you don’t want, because some vegetation that is classified as a “weed” may be very beautiful so I will let it stay, thus, it becomes a “plant”.

  10. Except for Night Shade. That’s beautiful but deadly. It killed my parent’s cow so I trampled it out of my garden. Curse the day I thought it was a cute little berry vine and stole it from the river to plant by my Japanese Lanterns. NS, I curse you.

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