Today the post office stays open ’til midnight

That’s because today is Mix Mania postmark deadline, and like April 15th, the post office recognizes that some of us are technically challenged so we’ll be going right down to the wire. (It doesn’t help that Jim  gave me the sphere’s most musically savvy match who has already audioblogged every decent piece of music ever written for your listening pleasure. Won’t she be surprised when she gets a CD full of "Adventure Dog?" Hope she has a sense of humor.)

Between now and then I have a lot to do. Big preamble to 4th of July weekend. First and foremost is clean this place, quick, because the cleaning lady is coming today. Then I’m going to drop the best molasses cookie recipe ever on here so you can have them at your picnic. And start my thesis on the whys and whereforenots of psychotherapy. And then that song list… Phew! Full day!

Right now I’m cleaning off my bedside table. Since Mamacita  has posted pictures of her bathroom and that was a big hit and Manolo  tells the world what he’s reading and that’s a big hit I thought I would post a picture of my bedside table. That will be, I’m certain, a dud. Especially if you thought there would be anything titillating there.Bedside_table

A bag of knitting. Two hats I finished up last night that need to be mailed to the West Coast. I’m not sure when the first snow falls in Oregon but I want to get these out. A bottle of water (we pay more per gallon for bottled water in the United States than we do for gas). A box of Pond’s disposable moisturizing cloths. Two National Geographic posters that I swiped from Bud and Jan’s pile last time I was there:
1- Bird Migration. Extremely cool, detailed world maps with drawings and flight patterns of birds, including dates, miles, how long it takes, etc. A Northern Wheatear left Seward, Alaska in August and got to the Langbaan Lagoon on the southern most tip of Africa in December. That’s about a billion frequent flyer miles, right there.
2- State of the Planet. This one is very scary. More great world maps but these are illustrated with trends in pollution including Oceans at Risk, The Air we Breathe, Alien Invasion (this is about the problems of invasive species that humans are busy schlepping to places they shouldn’t be like zebra mussels, the Cane Toad, and the Argentine Ant. Fascinating but not conducive to easy sleep.

A sign that I stole from a bathroom en route to the Bud and Jan Show. (What can I say? Going home brings out the needy Id-driven part of my personality.) This is a small laminated sign that reads: "A Reminder from the Management and the Western Upper Peninsula District Health Department! To Protect Health…Yours and Others. Don’t Give Germs a Chance! WASH YOUR HANDS!" It’s got these cute old fashioned pointing hand logos aimed at WASH YOUR HANDS. I felt okay about stealing it because there wasn’t any soap in the bathroom. I’m considering whether putting this in my bathroom where there is soap would make it look too much like a public restroom. This is a concern because for some reason, every client I see (I have a home office) is in love with my bathroom and spends half of every session in there fondling my sea shell collection. What- people can’t hold it for 50 minutes? Anyway, the sign could aggravate things and keep people in there longer.

Finally, this stack of books:

-Anita Shreve, Sea Glass.  Okay, if you like Anita Shreve. I don’t all that much. I just like sea glass which is not a good enough reason to buy the hardbound version of a book.
-Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones. Haven’t started it yet.
-Davin Weightman, The Frozen Water Trade. The history of selling ice in America. Zzzzz.
-Nicole Krauss, The History of Love. Four chapters in, it’s beautifully crafted and funny and wonderful.
-Khaled Hosssenin, The Kite Runner. YES! Three thumbs up.
-Jonathan Raban, Passage to Juneau; A Sea and It’s Meanings. A fine book that brings back finer memories.
-????, Holy Bible; NKJV. This is pretty good as books go. Sort of a horror story in parts but then some of it is very human and nice. The cast of characters is confusing. Helps me get back to sleep.
-Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night-time. I can not recommend this book highly enough. Read it in two evenings, this is the best piece of fiction I’ve read in a couple months. NYTs says "Think of the Sound and the Fury crossed with The Catcher in the Rye and one of Oliver Sack’s real-life stories.
-Lisa Sacks, The Cat’s Book of Romance. Inscribed "I love you more than you know…"
BookAnd a box of kleenex. Okay- heading for the kitchen and the cook book department.

7 responses to “Today the post office stays open ’til midnight

  1. 1. First things first: Get hats in mail. Need head shade.

    2. Salem, Oregon, water is so pure it could be bottled and sold as “spring water.” No kidding. Doesn’t cost as much as gas, either.

    3. Khaled Hosssenin? I like that extra s.

    Ol’ Hosss

  2. That was terrific! Now I need to go and read my copy of KiteRunner. Tomorrow. Today is jam-packed!

  3. Ok. I ,for one, use your bathroom almost every time I’m there. It’s not some bizarre facination or anything, I just drink a lot of water. To be honest, I’m surprised anyone uses it anymore after FG put in that new monstrosity you both refer to as a toilet. My GOODNESS!! I swear it will swallow someone in the next few months. Don’t believe me folks??? YOU flush that thing and tell me you aren’t scared!!! I say post the sign. What have you got to lose???? 🙂

  4. Hosss- out the door.
    Jen- definitely read this one. Dereck would like it, too.
    Amy- You are not who I’m talking about. It’s the Wild Children. You may fondle my shells all you please.
    Bonnie- Don’t need it. Got that down.

  5. You tease! Post that damn cookie recipe already.

    I liked The Lovely Bones. Anita Shreve gets on my damn nerves. The Pilots Wife had me so pissed off, especially with the ending, that I found myself talking to myself “NO! You have got to be kidding… this? This is the ending you came up with?” UGH. As a consequence, I did not read The Weight of Water but I do remember enjoying the film.

    Per your recommendation, I’m adding The Kite Runner and Mark Haddon’s book to my ever growing summer reading list. We will have to tell Jim about The Curious Incident…as he’s a *huge* Faulkner fan.

  6. Am I the only person who was underwhelmed by the Curious Incident?

    Maybe because I read it on the heels of “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” which had a similar protagonist but was, IMO, a MUCH better book.

    I found myself skimming through the 2nd half of the Curious Incident. (Actually I’m not the only one…my sister had the same reaction.)

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