Mix Mania!

Oo-oo-oo! I finished my first music CD burn. You think I jest. No, truly. I have children to burn my CDs for me. And an iPod. So I hope the person who is getting this is honored even if she is rolling all over the floor laughing at my musical selections.

1. That Was Your Mother   Paul Simon
2. Sea of Love                 Tom Waits
3. Kodachrome/Maybeline  Concert in the Park/ Simon&Garfunckle
4. The Upper Peninsula       Sufjan Stevens (ya, now you know who you are, except you                                          don’t read my blog. 🙂 
5. Buck Naked                 David Byrne
6. It Must Be Love            Rickie Lee Jones
7. The First Day of August  Carole King   
8. A Night in Tunisia         Turtle Island String Quartet
9. Butterfly’s Day Out       Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer

PLUS a BONUS CD. I have heretofore not shared the music of Special Only, my gifted number one child who is a jazz saxophonist. This second CD is a recording of the University of Michigan Jazz Ensemble playing Bob Brookmeyer’s Celebration Suite in memory of Gerry Mulligan. This is one of the very few jazz orchestral pieces written for the baritone sax. You know who is the featured soloist. The rest of you: eat your heart out.  And get your extra CDs and DVDs to Jim  so we can get them over to the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade and Bill in Iraq. Thanks, all.


2 responses to “Mix Mania!

  1. hahahaha, I was going to leave a similar comment to Bonnie. 🙂

    I’m eating my heart out about the soloist. I wanna heaaaar.

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