4th of July Molasses Cookies!

Since I don’t write all that much about food you probably don’t know that I’m a superhero
in the kitchen. When I want to be. You want a recipe? Just ask. Rumor has it that I make the best Lobster Bisque, the best Sweet Red Bell Pepper pasta sauce (I did 30 quarts of that last summer) and the best Louisiana Etoufee around. I’m not just bragging on myself; you can ask my friends and family.

This simple authentic recipe for 4th of July molasses cookies does not originate with me but rather comes from my friend, Margaret’s, family. They’re a 4th of July tradition and I’m making them again today. When I make themI pull them out a moment shy of done and put a dollop of homemade raspberry jam in the middle. Then they get one more minute. These and a bowl of homemade vanilla bean ice cream will set you on your butt just in time for fireworks. Enjoy.
1 egg
1 c. white sugar
3/4 c. shortening  (Crisco, of course)
4 T molasses  (green label brer rabbit)
1 t cinnamon
2 1⁄2 t soda
1/4 t salt
2 c. flour

Chill dough.  Form into balls (about 1 in diameter).  Roll in granulated sugar.

Bake  350 for 10 minutes.


7 responses to “4th of July Molasses Cookies!

  1. Coconut!! You forgot the coconut!

    Whatta you mean these ain’t macaroons? Molasses, macaroons, what’s the difference? More coconut, please.

  2. Thanks–I’ll quadruple it!

  3. Yea! I’ve been thinking about your cookies since we talked last night. I’ll be making chocolate cupcakes with my kids tomorrow to take to our neighborhood parade and potluck. It’s become our Fourth tradition (my daughter insists on sticking a tiny US flag in each cupcake). I’ll have to try these cookies sometimes. They sound yummy!

  4. Vicki, I have christened these “Better Than Sex Cookies”… I gave you a nod over at my place. ; )

  5. A plethora, no, a cornucopia of jello brain moulds can be found here: http://www.mcphee.com/

  6. Nope, I was wrong, just one. *sad face*

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