Have You taken Your Mood Stabilizer Today?

Contrary to popular opinion I do not read Weekly World News. Nor do I read People or watch Oprah. Nevertheless, it’s my humble uninformed professional opinion that Tom Cruise is in the manic phase of a bi-polar disorder. (I did get a glimpse of him jumping on somebody’s furniture and telling Matt Lauer that he, Tom, knew the history of psychiatry and Matt Lauer did not.) The thing is, we put these folks on a pedestal and forget that they’re just as entitled as you and I to be wacko AND opinionated.

That being said go see War of the Worlds. Face it, the guy can act. And Steven Spielberg does aliens better than anybody. And Orson Wells wrote a good story.

This movie was so much fun I couldn’t believe it. Someone gave it a crummy review because it was "too implausible." Hello? It’s science fiction. It’s a movie. Hurray for Hollywood! This is great stuff. Dakota Fanning is the daughter and she’s such a fine young actress. Special Effects: Incredible. Tension: Builds every step of the way. Terror: over the top intense in that suspended reality kind of way.Kidd1

When T.D. was seven she was reading away and she took a young adult version of War of the Worlds to the cottage with us on vacation. I remember the cover had a painting of the tripod "ships" on it that was the epitome of what you would conjure up as malevolence from outer space. I think Spielberg must have used that painting as his model.

When I go to the movies- rarely- it’s either for something that’s important like Fog of War or pure entertainment. This is great entertainment; absolutely pure nonstop scary eye candy. We came out of the film to eery thunder and lightening skies. Go see the movie and you’ll know why that had us ducking all the way to the car.
Law of Close Encounters :
  The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.
Tomorrow I will post the infamous 4th of July Molasses Cookie Recipe along with more of my medical history and possibly a bit on why I don’t believe in psychotherapy even though I’m not into Scientology and I am a psychotherapist.

8 responses to “Have You taken Your Mood Stabilizer Today?

  1. Ohhhh, don’t know which I’m more excited about… the cookie recipe or that other cliff hanger you left us with. ; )

    I’m usually a stay-at-home-and-rent-it kinda gal, but from what I have heard, this film warrants a viewing on the big screen.

  2. That is so hilarious. Right after the Matt Lauer interview, I yelled “YOU NEED MEDS, TOM!”

    I wish I didn’t want to see War of the Worlds, but I do!!! It’s PG-13 so I probably can’t take Lucas… is it violent? Or just suspenseful? Would a 10 year old be scared? (he’s not very adventurous)

  3. I have taken my mood stabilizer today–yoga. You don’t read “People”, but you certainly do read people! Great book jacket art!

  4. The convolution of your last sentence reminded me of what I meant to say about your PREVIOUS post:

    “I got so confused I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind, so I closed one eye and farted.”

    (That’s terrible, Hoss.)
    (Oh, I don’t know. We thought it was pretty cute in the 7th grade.)

  5. In my 15 years living in the deep south I learned a lot. Most in keeping with this post is the following: A genteel soft spoken Southern belle may totally annihilate another verbally and still be considered a lady. As long as the insult is preceded by the words “Bless him/her/it” or some variation, the most common being “BESSSSS IT.” (Very long and drawn out words) That being said, here goes.

    BESSSSSSS IT. Poor Tom better keep what few coherent thoughts he has bottled up in that little brain of his, it’s already too drafty up there and if he loses many more opinions it’s gonnna be more empty than Dixie Caverns. (Gloved hand over mouth, slight turn & tilt of head with lowering of eyes and batting of eyelashes) Oh! Pardon me. I forgot. These days he is already only functioning with one little brain. Yes, that’s riiiiiiight. (blush) The other one, not attached to his neck, yes, a little further south.

  6. Woah! I went a little “Julia Sugarbaker” there.

  7. Heh heh, I can’t wait to read what you have to say about psychotherapy– that is fascinating!

    And I can’t go see War of the Worlds, because we spent too much time at the dinner table last night explaining to the kids why we cannot put anymore money in crazy people’s pockets!

  8. I guess I will go se the movie, since you are so gung-ho about it. I do like Anita Shreve; I read Sea Glass and liked it, but I liked the Pilot’s WIfe even more.

    And I am dying to know why you don’t believe in psychotherapy??!!

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