Why Blog?

The MIT weblog survey that’s going around asks questions that get you thinking (more, again) about this, and for me, taking the survey brought home one obvious fact: I’m telling more about my personal life to total strangers than to people I’ve "really met" and my circle of friends and acquaintances is now heavily populated with people I’ve never met. Both Jen  and Edgy Mama  posted in the last week about the connectedness they feel to other bloggers and I not only could, but should, do that here just to recognize the community that has welcomed me so warmly in the past few months. I’ve got that post started and it includes a nod to my new friend across the pond in France and a handful of other people who come by regularly without much acknowledgment; I want them to know how much I appreciate them. But that’s another post.

Why Blog? Simple. So I stay off eBay. It’s part of a three step program I’ve developed for myself (I don’t have the patience or creativity for 12 steps; I’d have to think up catchy little slogans- "You’re only as sick as your highest bid", "one bidless day at a time", etc. Plus, I’m a self-help sort of girl and I don’t do well in groups).

I was good at eBay. What you would call a high functioning eBayer. I did it in the dead of night and still got up and worked well at my job the next day. And I went for quality items. None of those Beanie Baby or Faux Designer items for me. I got great stuff at great prices and, basically, I have no buyer’s remorse. It’s just that eBaying was becoming a lifestyle at a time when I was also trying to de-junk and simplify my existence. The conflict was killing me. But I didn’t hit rock bottom until I met FG and then I had to make a choice: eBay or true love.

Before I quit eBay I made some fine purchases. These are among my best:

A vintage 1965 Airstream travel trailer in mint condition with all original interior, including pink Formica counter tops. She lived her entire life parked  in Estes , CO until I got her on a Buy It Now listing that started at 2:38 AM. Having never even considered  a travel trailer and with no knowledge of them whatsoever, I bought her at 2:39 AM for 4800.00 because the price seemed right (It was; I’ve since been offered 11,000. and up). At 2:42 AM I went back to bed and the next morning I thought I had dreamed that I bought an Airstream. This was during the phase where I was having blackouts. Imagine my horror when I read that the buyer had to retrieve her from Estes Park, cash in hand, within 7 days.Streamliner

GlobeAn 1874 world globe manufactured by H.B. Nims of Troy, N.Y. Also in mint condition, this globe shows Yellowstone National Park, recently explored by John Colter and declared a park by Ulysses S. Grant in 1872. It does not show many states because they are still marked as Indian Territory. The North and South poles are barely mapped. 1243.56

An original 1984 piece of Dale Chihuly glass, signed, not a studio piece. This was one of the first in his Seaforms series and Chihuly gave it  to the guy I got it from in exchange for a motorcycle. You would have thought Dale had learned his lesson already. I got this for 1300.00 and a 1904 Heymann world globe. Which I bought on eBay for 111.56 because it didn’t have a photo so I took a chance.Chihuly

Santa Squirrel. 28.56 minus the holiday get up which I provided and which he wears year ’round. I considered this a rescue mission and since then I have taken it upon myself to rescue has been

taxidermy that is otherwise relegated to attics and dusty corners of antique shops. Someone needs to admire and value these remnants of life. The children say it looks like the Natural History Museum around here and if one more piece of taxidermy comes in the house they’re not coming home anymore. Anything in your attic?Santa_squirrel

11 responses to “Why Blog?

  1. That’s a beautiful bowl. My wife and I have some ancient pottery, but nothing so spendy as that.

  2. Trading one addiction for another–at least this one’s cheaper!

  3. Oh, yes, this one’s waaay cheaper. My daughter is a savvy Ebay shopper; she bought matching fancy dresses for her two daughters at $8 each. I was amazed at how nice they were. I look, but I do not click anything that says buy me. I took my credit cards away last year!

  4. Oh, yes, this one’s waaay cheaper. My daughter is a savvy Ebay shopper; she bought matching fancy dresses for her two daughters at $8 each. I was amazed at how nice they were. I look, but I do not click anything that says buy me. I took my credit cards away last year!

  5. Wow, I am suitably impressed. Goodness the only things I ever look for on E-bay are CDs, the occasional book, and book markers! I am drooling over the globe.

  6. Holy crap!


    That is what the pieces of animal that I found in my yard were!

    *damn cat*

  7. I admit it. I’m an eBay shopper…I’ve gotten Burberry glasses, Tahari tops, CDs…Juicy Couture (you see a trend here?) all at good prices. But I do love Chihuly, his work is amazing. I have pics from the Bellagio ceiling that I’m planning to blow up when I have some time.

  8. Only by the grace of God and lack of credit cards have I escaped E-bay. Forming relationships, even with people you don’t see, is much funner than gettin’ “stuff”!

  9. Dang, I suddenly feel better about my impulse-purse I got the other day.

  10. You are SHITTING me, right? I am laughing so hard. And you make fun of FG for his Sam’s Club problem?

    Honey, you are SO busted! 🙂

  11. So you never considered owning a travel trailer with pink Formica counter tops but bought one because you thought the price was right… and you were actually in the market a santa squirrel? Wow. I had no idea that Ebay was so evil. Maybe you’re three step program will help FG with his Irish Spring issues?

    And it is amazing how I have never met you, but I feel like I have. I appreciate my frogs too (that’s “friends” and “blogs” together. Yes, I just made that up. Please don’t be jealous.)

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