The First Church of Water Lilies

I seem to be doing more and more of my Sunday worship out at Wit’s End, our little spot on the lake where we have a tiny yellow cottage and the 1968 Airstream. And it’s not that I’m playing hooky; it just feels, these days, as though it’s easier to get closer to my faith in the pontoon boat than a church.

Churchs sort of muck things up for me. First of all, they usually have way too many people in them and I don’t like crowds. Then there’s the problem of the pastor or preacher or vicar or whatever. One of two things seems to happen with the pastors I get:
a) they lecture me about the hows and whys of my being a bad person and then I find out they have been behaving inappropriately with someone else’s wife or hapless member of the congregation (that would be their business entirely if they hadn’t been going after my soul with such enthusiasm)- or
b) they’re good and smart and compassionate and do a splendid job of paraphrasing God’s words to me in a way that makes sense and feels right and inspires me to go forth and serve- and then they get called to some other church that needs them.

Either way, the Board of Elders ( usually rife with know-it-alls) falls into chaos and conflict, mostly conflict. And then I don’t want to be around while they hash that out and find a replacement. I keep trying, more often in the fall and winter, not because I should but because I really want to.

Right now, though, I’m going to the First Church of Water Lilies. Peace. Wonder and Awe. Sorrow and Sacrifice. Rebirth.

Yesterday Kristen and I went out to Wit’s End to escape the city heat and managed to get completely toasted on the lake. Then we had a wonderful early morning thunderstorm and when the sun came out everything was drippy and lush and happy, including this little squirrelSquirrel_1.

Previously,  I posted about the swans. One of the things I had been wondering about was the cygnets. At first count, 6 weeks ago, there were seven. Last time I was there they were down to five. That made me sad but it’s not unusual for a couple to get picked off by turtles or hawks. Now, there are none. All I can think is that the nest wasn’t waterbound enough in the marsh and a fox made repeated raids.

And then there were twoSwanbackSwanfour WitsendSwan3Swandrink

12 responses to “The First Church of Water Lilies

  1. Oh, the poor swans! And those pictures! I’m like crying over here.

  2. Beautiful photos, as always.

    I’m with you on the church thing. I typically have a wonderful spiritually restorative Sunday morning by myself in my home while E-spouse takes the kids to church (of course, he goes to the UU church, which hardly counts–and is about the only church other than the Quakers that I can stomach).

  3. I found your site through Edgy Mama. I work for a church but find it very much a relief that that God is very much self-evident where we choose to look. Thanks for your comments and your pictures.

  4. Those swan pix filled my heart. And your church sounds mighty fine. I am blessed to be in a church without a lot of the goings on you described, but I know that we are not typical. One of my best “worship” experiences was whale watching off the coast of Boston many years ago. Very close to God there.

  5. I love the squirrel pic. You captured the water dripping off the trees. Nice.

  6. I am real sorry about the cygnets. God’s way?

    (That’s a nice church you got out there, Vicki. Serves just fine.)

  7. Beautiful pictures, Vicki. And , yes, God is everywhere and knows if we are listening. A very thoughtful post …

  8. delurking – I loved this post. The pictures are beautiful. I feel the same way you do about worship (even though I belong to and attend a church).
    Nature = God’s creation
    A Church = human creation, no matter how inspired.
    Where are we closer to God?

  9. I feel more worshipful in nature than I do in church, though I do belong to one. Beautiful pics.

  10. It looks so beautiful there. Thanks for sharing them!

  11. So this is where you recharge. No wonder you are so fabu.

    Three words in a question for you:

    Vacation home trade?

    I’ve always wanted to stay at a place by the lake a la Golden Pond. I’d be the cronemudgeon version of Henry Fonda, the ‘old poop’.

  12. Water lillies Church!!!!I’m so happy about this.
    As a frog I applaud.

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