Why I Need A Gun

On most days, I love cats. I really like crows, too. We have a nest of crows in the backyard and they’re trying to get their fledglings out. Sophie and McCloud are complicating things. Have a few minutes? See how long you can listen. Keep going after the first pause. Okay, still listening? Keep going… I’m sitting here, trying to write a post about the time T.D. was attacked by a thundering herd of seahorses, but I can’t concentrate with this racket. I may need to go get a gun.


(Post Script: Since posting this a few minutes ago, working has become even more difficult. McCloud thinks the crows have moved inside.)Mccloud

21 responses to “Why I Need A Gun

  1. We have crows in our backyard too. Ugh!!!

    That pic of McCloud is adorable.

  2. I miss the owls in Mississippi. We lived in a wooded subdivision called Sherwood Forest. On the rare nights when an air conditioner wasn’t mandatory because of the heat and humidity (reference your Florida entries), I loved to open the window, and listen to the wind in the pines. Around midnight, they would start the hooting, back and forth to each other. I always thought they were comforting but the first time Nyssa heard them she ran crying into my room, thinking some weird creature was coming to get her. Yes, something about Mississippi I actually miss.

  3. That’s cutesy. I listened to 3 minutes worth of cawkerooing. How long does it go on?

    (Pounce, McCloud. Those suckers think they own the whole backyard. You’ll show ’em.)

  4. I don’t know what’s worse…the crows or the geese. McCloud looks adorable in that pic 🙂

  5. We have pigeons. And they’re all named Allen cause I can’t tell them apart.

  6. Were any animals harmed in the making of this post?

    Regarding your comments on Mike’s nostalgic post yesterday–does Mel Gibson remind you of Soupy Sales at all? I enjoyed Mel in “The Year of Living Dangerously”–Soupy scared me as a kid–especially the pie-in-the-face-bits! I could use a cold glass of Twin Pines milk right about now…

  7. I love crows! They are incredibly smart and very complex birds. I suspect that you know much more about them than I do. I had a lovely gang of them that lived in the tall trees on my street for years. In the afteroons I would go out in the front yard with bread and call them with a certain whistle, and the whole family would come — several adults, including the young adults from the year before, and the new fuzzy-headed babies. Their numbers have declined a lot in my area since West Nile Virus. I miss them.

  8. Soupy WAS a scarey dude! But, no, Bonnie, I never thought to compare him to Mel Gibson…let me think about that. I liked White Fang and Black Tooth. I was on Milky’s Party Time; I won a spoonful of pennies. I feel another post coming on…Poopdeck Paul…

  9. Great photo. I’ll have to blog about our mad squirrel at some point.

    Wow, Vicki, you are the blog queen. I’ve missed soooo much!

  10. “We have pigeons. And they’re all named Allen cause I can’t tell them apart.”

    Gee. THANKS. :-/

  11. Ha, Spookalot, you’re hilarious! (Sorry, J).

    Vicki, I cannot believe I actually sat here and listened to your crows. :snicker:

  12. PS: Vicki you should submit this post to Friday’s Ark for Friday Cat Blogging. It would fit under cats and birds section. They would get a hoot (no owl pun intended) out of it.

    Friday’s Ark: http://themodulator.org/
    Carnival Submit Form (Friday’s Ark is on there):

  13. Mcloud ‘s very studious cat,will eventually learn
    the crow language.

  14. I like that I laugh out loud whenever I read your blog. That title had me giggling before I even hit post.

  15. that was funny.

    and clever…

  16. We almost always have crows walking around in our cul-de-sac. I can’at imagine what they are looking for out there – certainly not food. We also have a red-tailed hawk, who is majestic when he flies. But my cats are wise enough to know they can’t do a thing about either the crows or the hawk.

  17. Oy those crows!!! Be like the dad in Steel Magnolias hee!!

  18. Friday Ark

    Cats, Dogs, Spiders and ? every Friday. We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals as I see them (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Leave a comment or trackback …

  19. I played it. My dogs went freaking nuts.That alone was worth it. I never thought about how maddening that could be. I may have to give them a second chance.

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