A Blog Walkabout

I did what I said and went to see my friend, Bonnie, over at Belle on Her Toes  where less is ever so much more. Bonnie’s place calms me down and reminds me that the world consists of more than, um, me. And there I found this incredible picture of a Palouse Fence Row. Forgive me, all my agnostic, atheist and otherwise doubtful dear friends,but my first thought was, "Wow! It’s like a quilt made for God." You need to go look at this photograph. And then, because it piqued my curiosity I did a little reading about this. I found a fascinating article in the Pan Ecology Journal (I don’t think that’s related to Pan-Asian cuisine; sadly, no noodles.). I would very much like to see this phenomena from about 1000 feet up. I’m thinking about how one would arrange that.

Now, I’m going to go see how Max is weathering his new housemate, Buddha Pest, over at PsychoKitty (great pix today) and say hello to people who have been kind enough to stop by with nice comments and offers of DVDs and CDs for Bill.

Regarding those recent posts, which I could just pull but decided to leave up and let them live on in the "learn by doing" category: I think this is what happened. I wrote a piece I was happy with and submitted it to B4B #12. There were many great entries this month. As soon as I didn’t get chosen I did this very immature high school sort of somersault into thinking, "Gee, I’m not the most popular." And from there I wandered down the path of wondering if I needed to be, what? Edgier? More flippant and saucy? in order to have wider appeal. And of course, the result of that was, basically, bad taste and stupidity because really, that’s not who I am and not where I’m comfortable. And that’s  fine because, after all, it’s not all about me.  In the mean time, if B4B  ever has as a topic the dumbest post you ever put up "Hello from the Nation’s Crotch" will be a definite contender.

Go discover the Palouse Fence Row. You’ll be glad you did.

6 responses to “A Blog Walkabout

  1. Go to Lowe’s buy a ladder and get over it.
    Those posts had me smiling. In amusement at your crotchety-ness and at your blatant disregard for tact. They were raw, human…I liked it…
    for whatever my opinion is worth…

  2. I’m still reeling from shock that your B4B #12 didn’t win the competition.

  3. “walkabout” what a great title! Actually, if you’ve ever randomly explored blogs – it can be like being stranded in the Australian outback.

  4. Thanks for the nod, Vicki!

    The palouse is an incredible geographical phenomenon, to be sure. I enjoyed your link on that…though the writers failed to mention the strange 6’1″ creature who crosses the palouse in an old, self-restored RX-7 four or five times a year just to be with his lonesome family! Basalt pillars and lentils are other interesting features. His university hosts the National Lentil Festival every year. They are a land grant college, just like that fabulous university in E. Lansing, Michigan!

  5. It’s nice to learn something new every day – and this article about the Palouse is my new tidbit. I’ve never heard of it before. Thanks for posting about it.

  6. I’ll have to check it out!! Argh, I’m so behind on blogwalking, what with working and karaoke and running! Behind on posting too! Argh!

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