I’m speechless

Stunned. I just got home and hooked myself up to my trusty wi-fi and read what I’ve been posting from Florida. I, ah, I, I’m just-well, speechless. "Hello from the Nation’s Crotch"??????? "Standing in a field of floating condoms"?????

What on earth? I’m horrified. It’s true I don’t do well in the heat. It’s true I was reading David Sedaris’s Barrel Fever over the past couple days. I was eating at Tijuana Flats twice a day. I could only get online at Panera’s and the smell of grease and burnt coffee was making me nauseous in a way that was reminiscent of morning sickness. But, still, really, I mean there’s no excuse for what went on here over the long weekend.

It’s as though the muse of bad taste and stupidity greeted me at Tampa Int’l and stuck to me like a tick on a dog the whole weekend. It’s as though I spent all of my energy elsewhere and had nothing left for the game. Happy Father’s Day- that was okay. That was from my heart and I wrote it mostly for myself. The rest of that gak- ey, yi, yi!

Speaking of sink holes, it appears I fell into one. I have nothing to say, except I’m sorry. Really, I am. I’ll try to do better. Now, I’m going to go see my good friend who writes, "Less is More."  She’s absolutely right.

5 responses to “I’m speechless

  1. Welcome to blogland. You only feel the pain the first time… and the guilt.

  2. All that will be mooted when you post the pictures of the leg rot-off.

    You know what they always say: Into each life some legs must fall.

  3. What does it say about me if I tell you I liked what you were posting? And almost shared the nickname we had for Atlantic City – the sequined glitzy – yet still hairy – armpit of America?

  4. There are exceptions to that adage…tennis rackets owned and words penned by Vicki, to name two!

  5. A comment that makes me snort hot coffee through my nose, whether it be in good taste or bad (the comment not the coffee), never requires an apology with me.

    Try Drunk Blogging sometimes…hours of fun, weeks of embarrassment.

    Good times…good times…

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