Art for the Over Heated

Our little Florida house is on 16th Ave. N.E. near 4th St. in St. Peterstburg. That’s only two blocks from The Sunken Gardens. We’ve owned the house since February and we’ve passed this ancient tourist attraction over a hundred times. Every time we say, “Hey! We should go check out The Sunken Gardens!” And then we decide that some mysteries are better left unrevealed. I have no idea what The Sunken Gardens are, other than one of the original Florida tourist destinations. They pre-date Disney and Busch and even that Esther Williams synchronized water skiing place: I forget what it’s called. Something Springs. Anyway, I imagine The Sunken Gardens to be some kind of early giant Florida sink hole that someone threw some Spanish Moss into and then started charging admission. If that’s the case I don’t want to know about it, being located in such proximity to the house and all. I’m probably wrong. Whatever, they still pack a good crowd; the parking lot is always full. This trip down I noticed a sign underneath the main Sunken Garden sign, and considering this is Florida, I wonder what it means:


You tell me. What is a one stroke painting class? Because they’re offering them over at the Sunken Gardens and this might be an art form I could handle come this winter…

9 responses to “Art for the Over Heated

  1. If you’ve only had one stroke, you can get into the class. If you’ve had two or more strokes, they think it’s too risky for you to pick up something as heavy as a paintbrush.

    The education consists of painting a picture of an ever-widening sinkhole that will soon take over the neighborhood. You will be doing the “before” part.

  2. Hoss–Ha!
    One stroke painting sounds like yet another mystery better left unrevealed to me!

  3. Hmmm… well, the word “stroke” has so many connotations, I don’t know that I’d want to hazard a guess.

  4. With some embarrassment “stroker” came to my mind, too. I guess a “one” stroker is at the top of that food chain???

    I’ll pass … ewwwwww

  5. I remember seeing some artwork where it appeared as though the artist did each one in a single “stroke” of sorts. Most of it was quite beautiful, although I don’t know how much variety you can get from a whole class doing the same thing.

    I say you should at least enquire so that we can find out. 😉

  6. I liked the one stroke, two stroke comment from Old Horsetail Snake.

    I just figured it might not be too much of a hobby.

    I think you should try it.

  7. Hoss – LOL!

    One stroke painting is a toll painting technique where you have 2 different colors on either end of the bristles. When you make a stroke with the brush, the colors blend in graduating colors in the middle. It is supposed to be an easy way to paint but I find it more of a pain than anything.

    I would love to see what the Sunken Gardens are realy about. I love gardens!

  8. What is a certified instructor? What did she do to become certifiable? How could you possibly have passed up this opportunity to create great art in single strokes?

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