If it’s June, this must be Kansas

Oh, no! Auntie Em? Auntie Em? Obviously, I didn’t take this picture; it was taken on this date one year ago. Unlike the rest of the slap-dash assortment here at OutsideIn. I take ’em and some are good and some are just a blurry mess as I struggle to learn digital SLR technology without reading the manual. You want beautiful photos go visit my favorite CSI agent/photographer, SRP, at Melange .

Anyway, it was on the WeatherUnderground, one of my favorite websites. I LOVE weather. It’s in my bio right next to potatoes. Love it, love it, love it. I lubba da weather. (I don’t lurve it. I don’t lurve anything.That could give me diarrhea.)  The idea of weather fascinates me. Clouds, storms, rain, under-the-ocean weather. Very interesting stuff. If I find out I can go to weatherperson school without re-taking the math portion of the GRE I might become the oldest woman to graduate from meterology school who’s still in menopause. Then I’ll have Jen do my hair and become one of those perky little weather girls who giggle at the guy who does the sports news.

This fascination with weather doesn’t extend to being out in it. I’m a real wheeny in extreme temperatures. Anything below 30 and above 80 is unacceptable. Did I mention that I’m back at Panera’s in St. Petersburg, where it’s 93 degrees at 9am. And climbing. Yak. So, my time online is limited because there are no plugs in Panera’s so I’m only as good as my battery. Tornado_nguyen_1

I want to take some of my battery time to thank you ALL for the incredible response to yesterday’s post. You people are wonderful to take the time to send good wishes to a stranger, who is out in some of the worst weather in the world, doing what he does for you. At least, in theory, for you. I’m not oblivious to the politics of this war and we discuss them among ourselves but I made a decision a while ago to stay pretty low profile and by and large, bite my tongue. Most of this family is stridently anti-Bush and what we see as the amoral policies of this administration. I couldn’t work in my profession and not feel strongly that our inability to care for and about our weakest and most under-represented members of society is horrifying and, to my mind, sinful.

But when Bill was home for the brothers father’s internment service at Arlington in  March and the family was starting to rant politics I looked at him, sitting quietly, knowing he was leaving soon at a time in his life when, by rights, he should be retired and enjoying time with his family. Well, that’s when it started to feel self indulgent to rant. That conversation ended when Bill said quietly, "I serve at the pleasure of my President" and it was clear he wasn’t talking about a particular president. In 30 years of service in Special Forces, he’s seen them come and go. But this work that he does: it’s his job, he’s a logistician and he does it well. And he believes he does it for you and me.

So, again, I want to thank you all so very much. I’ll try to get around to everyone and say a personal thanks (the least I could do, plus there are new people I want to "see") but how long I can endure the smell of burnt coffee and greasy bread here at Panera’s is questionable. I’m only operating at 68% and I’m off to find who I can.

And then- yippee- FG should arrive here in the armpit of the nation, too, and we will have a happy, happy, HOT, very HOT reunion and celebrate our anniversary a couple days late. If there’s anytime left over I’ll finish a little post on the trials and tribulations of the "almost grown" and take some butterfly pictures at the butterfly garden.

I know what Jen is doing today, and I certainly hope Jay is doing some reading…what are the rest of you up to today?

15 responses to “If it’s June, this must be Kansas

  1. Pls. put giggle on audiopost. I wanna see if it sounds teen-agey enough.

    Great photo. Thanks, Vick.

    I am with you on Bush. What a dumb shit.

  2. Hoss is a Bushwacker?! I admire your brother-in-law’s selflessness and your restraint in his honor.

    I am attending a talent show and a field day and taking Meg to have four wisdom teeth extracted. That’s before noon…

    I do miss a good Midwest thunderstorm! As you know, the weather is wonderfully moderate here in the beautiful Pacific NW. Oh, look…a sunbreak…see ya!

  3. Vicki, another very thoughtful, generous, and insightful sorting down of the politics that we question v the people that we love. Thanks.

  4. Trying to recover from my first midnight to 1:30am work shift. The adrenaline rush kept me up until 3:00am, the kids had me up at 8:00am, and I was back at work at 9:30am. Now the office is empty, everyone having left for lunch WITHOUT ASKING ME. Of course, because I’m sleep deprived, I didn’t even realize I’d been ditched until the Chinese delivery guy shouted hello for the fifth time. I hate being the new kid on the block.

  5. I lived in Oklahoma for seven years and Indiana as a child. I couldn’t count how many tornados I’ve been in. (Sirens went off eight times during my baby shower.) They are beautiful and powerful but I wouldn’t want to chase them.

    I admire your brother-in-law, he had it right. Our military are there to serve their commander in chief; democrat or republican. In turn, they serve us.

    If we were all given unlimited wisdom to see events of the past and how they led to current conditions, we might find out that past perceptions of weakness by the US, whether true or false, have contributed to the situation.

    Anyway, since most of America wants to blame someone, either in the form of “bashing Bush” or “clubbing Clinton”, maybe we should go back to the original problem. Abraham. Yes, he just couldn’t wait for the promise he had to take it into his own hands, so to speak, and voila! Ishmael. There is the beginning of the problem.

    Anyway, I just pray that our forces may stay safe, and that they will be able to remember the joy on the faces of common Iraqi’s when they voted for the first time and know they were part of it.

  6. That is one spooky picture.. I’d be running ta’ other way, but fast 🙂

  7. Cool pic.

    Don’t even get me started on Dubya.

    Anything to support those men and women who are over there because there’s an idiot in charge.

    What am I doing? E-mailing people a short story in desperate hope that it may break through! And waiting for Jay to get to it!

  8. What a great picture! And sign me up as a BUSH “dumb shit”.

  9. I like the picture–terrific. I am not a Bush fan, also not a fan of this war, but I am amazed at the honor and bravery of my countrymen and women who serve in the Armed Forces, especially during war time. My Uncle Vinnie was killed in “friendly fire” during WWII; my brother and I never got to meet him. My father always spoke of him with such a sense of loss, but also pride.

    Today, I am at home, resting, and producing what my doctor calls a “productive cough.”

  10. Yes that is a scary picture! But gorgeous too! I also love the weather. I am facinated by tornatos and would be a chaser if I had a camcorder. They scare the crap out of me but I cant resist them. Earthquakes on the other hand do not facinate me. They TERRIFY me and I would die of a heart attack before it had the chance to swallow me up.

    I will be joining you very shortly learning the digital SLR technology without reading the manual. I hate manuals. Is Melange really a CSI agent/photgrapher? Thats so cool! I would love to do that!! I really dug the quality of the photos – very reassuring to see as put my 35mm and my old fashion mind set aside and get ready to invest hard earned money in new technology.

  11. Heh. Hoss called Bush a “dumbshit”. Heh. That’s tellin’ it like it is, Hoss!

    Vicki I commented too late on your post yesterday (as in just a minute ago) so in case you don’t see it: please send me the address, I’ve got some good dvd’s and cd’s.

    Enjoy the hot reunion with your man.

  12. Ya, you know what I did this morning– it’s been a busy day (as usual!).

    Hope you had fun today. That was a lovely, quiet, political appraisal.

    I am sure we see eye to eye. Dereck and I talk about this all the time. But we are not going to turn our backs on the soldiers just because we have strong feelings about the administration.

    We, at least, learned something from Vietnam.

  13. Sign me up for that dumbshit club, okay?
    Today, I have delivered flowers to a wedding reception and now I am preparing to finish wedding flowers for tomorrow. I had to take a break to read my nightly blogs. Have a great (if hot) time for your “late” anniversary.

  14. What a great pic!

    As for Bush, well, I usually agree with Hoss.

  15. Love that pic. My BIL loves anything weather. As a matter of fact, he IS a meteorologist. Thought you would like that little piece of info.

    Read your “about” and was happy to discover another gardener, although I could not call myself a master gardener. I love flower gardening. Am attempting a very small veggie garden this year. We’ll see, I haven’t had much luck with them in the past. 🙂

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