Last week I let you know that I was going to shamelessly ask you to contribute CDs and DVDs for a media library for Bill and his guys in Iraq. No politics; just friendly and meaningful support. So, here’s the deal:

First off, Everybody give a shout out to the friendly folks at Langley! You want to get your blog read? Print a post with the APO address of a high ranking officer. Then, I’d like to thank Jim, who is running Mix Mania and collecting second CDs to send. And then, a big thank you to Edgy Mama  (that’s ANNEFITTEN, altogether now) who was the FIRST to deliver with a bunch of CDs that showed up yesterday. It was an interesting assortment and I’ve made a vow not to pull out really good ones and keep them. Everything goes. So, do me a favor. Do Bill and all his guys (he’s got a pretty big gathering of our troops over there) a favor:

1) Go over to Jim’s if you’re doing MixMania and see his post.

2) E-mail me if you have any DVDs or CDs you would like sent over to the media lending library we’re trying to build for these guys. When they’re not out in 112 degree sandstorms, fleas and mortar fire, they’re laying low and looking for stuff to watch and listen to. You e-mail me and I’ll send you my snail mail address. I’m sending a package from here July 10, so hop to, please. Rght now the only DVD is my copy of Winged Migration- sure to be a BIG hit. You know you can top that. No matter how many you send, I’ll mail them out.

3) In today’s comment section, please say Hi to Bill! I’ll print this whole post out at the end of the day tomorrow and mail it off to him with all your messages of good cheer. When I spoke to him yesterday he hadn’t gotten any mail yet and was having a down day between heat and work. So, I said, hold your horses, I’ll get something out. Any nice, creative, supportive or funny word you have to tack on to this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

33 responses to “It’s SAY HI TO BILL DAY!

  1. Oh, man, the pressure! HI, Bill! Stay safe, man! I will be back later after the coffee has kicked in to be interesting.

  2. HI BILLLLL!!!!! Great job over there! I wish you strength and peace and a safe journey home when it’s time! God Bless.

  3. HI BILLLLL!!!!! Great job over there! I wish you strength and peace and a safe journey home when it’s time! God Bless.

  4. Applause, applause! Semper Fi.

  5. Hey, Vick, need your snail mail.

  6. Hi Bill! Keep up the tough work. Be safe.

    Hi Vicki,
    I’m glad you got the CDs–they are rather random. I sent an e-mail to some friends in my ‘hood, so I may be able to procure a few more–and perhaps a DVD that isn’t from Disney.

  7. Hi, Bill! Take care and be safe.

    V – I’ll see what I can dig up for DVDs. I’m guessing Disney flicks or a short movie called “Potty Time” are probably not exactly what you had in mind … 🙂

  8. I think “Potty Time” in conjunction with “Winged Migration” could be a compelling double feature… with the right combination of alcholic beverages.

  9. HELLO BILL! How about a boxed set of Audrey Hepburn movies? or maybe “Pride and Prejudice”?

  10. Hi Bill! I hope that the weather out there isn’t tooooo hot, and if it is I hope you’re keeping cool.
    Stay safe out there 🙂

  11. Bill – Thank you! To you and all of your men and women who not only fight for our freedom but for the freedom of the Iraqi people. Thank you for being the best ambassadors we could have.

    How are you doing on sunscreen?

  12. Hey Bill! Thanks to you and your buddies for all that you do for us.

  13. Hey Bill, hang in there. You guys are superheroes making the world a better place.

  14. When you care enough to send the very best, you send Bill and the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade. I promise I will write to my federal legislative representatives asking them to:
    1) Prove we support our troops by restoring veteran’s health benefits
    2) Prove we support our troops by stopping “stop loss”; treating armed forces members fairly and achieving required troop strength levels by actual support, such as by offering competitive wages and benefits.
    3) Promising that we will keep the flags at full staff at least 300 days a year in celebration of the freedom we have thanks to the hard work, bravery and blood of our armed forces.
    Bill, those who can, do. The rest of us cheer from the sidelines. Thank you. Hurry home.

  15. Hi Bill,

    It was 102 in St. Pete this morning at 9am. At least that was what the bank said. Humid heat. Safe heat. Made me uncomfortable as I went in to get a bite of breakfast.

    But.. no gun shots or mortar fire. No looking over my shoulder. No unusual or unreasonable insecurities.

    I don’t pretend to understand all the issues that lead to and sustain wars. I fully understand and appreciate I am able to go out in 102 degree heat in relative freedom. What you are doing is directly related to that freedom. I am thankful for that.

    This past week I was with a group of people who, like me, are often in New York or work in New York. We all know people who were killed, or very close relatives of someone who was killed. We don’t forget. We haven’t forgotten.

    I am not sure what the exact right response to 9/11 should have been. I am fairly confident what we are doing is not 100% the right response. I am more certain it is better than no response.

    I believe what you are doing is very important and directly related to the security and freedom I enjoy today.

    Thank you.

    I am proud to be your brother. I pray for you and all those in harm’s way.

  16. Bill, we know nobody wants that venture to be over more than you and your buddies. But we at home are running a close second. Good luck, kid.

  17. Hi Bill! Take care, stay safe, and I hope you all come home soon!

  18. Thanks Bill! God Bless You and stay safe!
    – Jamie

  19. Heya Bill! Thanks for what you do serving our country. Let’s git her done and outta there 😉

  20. Hi, Bill and friends!

    THANKS for your amazing efforts and contributions. I am so inspired by people as dedicated as you! You are in my prayers for strength and health. You are an oustanding group of men and women, and I thank you each and every day for committment. Stay Safe!

  21. Semper Fidelis! Thank you, Bill!

  22. Oh sure, Vicki…you say to post something creative, funny or supportive and my mind goes COMPLETELY FRIGGEN BLANK.

    Let’s try this…


    My dog likes to roll in my kids sandbox. I’m not entirely sure what he gets out of that activity but if you try it and figure it out, let me know.


  23. Hey Bill,

    Thanks for doing what you do from those of us who reap the benefits.

    Stay safe and hopefully you’ll be home with your family soon.


  24. Kathy cracks me up.

  25. Hello to Bill and friends! You guys stay safe over there and come home soon. Thanks for all that you do.

  26. Hi Bill!!! Come home safe!!!

  27. Hi Bill. Thanks for what you are doing. Please stay safe. Say hi to all your comrades also, let them know they are in my thoughts and prayers. I want you all home ASAP–and that’s an order 🙂

  28. Hi Bill!! Stay safe, fight strong, come home soon.

  29. Sorry I’m late….Hi Bill! Thank you for all that you do and I hope that you know, especially after these comments, how much you are respected and loved by people who have never met you, but know that you have their backs! My twin brother is the Army National Guard and just back from a 12 month stint. Good luck to you, Jim!

  30. HELLO BILL AND ALL YOU GUYS OUT THERE!! Man! Such an honor to even say that! I wish we could do more than send you DVDs and such, and unfortunately I dont have any, but I do have a Blockbuster down the street that sells ’em so I’m going to go grab some for you. I bet you’d give anything to be watching these in your own family room on your own TV with your FAMILIES. Please know your “extended” family is thinking about you and we all wish you a SAFE RETURN. Take care!

  31. Oh, man, I missed the party. Sorry, Bill. But I’ll make it up to you by sending some awesome dvd’s and cd’s. Vicki, would you email me the address? Thanks a lot.

  32. I’m a few days late, but the sentiment is true:

    HI, BILL!

    Our prayers are with you and all our boys and girls over there. Stay safe.

  33. Hi, Bill and all your buddies! Stay safe and know we are behind you.

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