Oh, and honey?

About the air conditioner? The guys thinks, after 27 years, it may be time to spring for a new one. He’s not sure how long the dead bat has been stuck to the control panel. AcAc2_2

9 responses to “Oh, and honey?

  1. Oh, my goodness, you are wicked funny!!! I am laughing so hard today!!! Thank you!

  2. Bummer that dead bat.

  3. My hairs on end! We just had to replace our a/c and furnace; kachink – kachink $!$! The upside was it’s a lot more efficient. Good luck.

  4. LOL! Oh my.. I did A/C work for almost 15 years, so sorry, seen this, and worse! 🙂
    (No you do NOT want to know….)

  5. Ya think??? LOL on the dead bat!!!

  6. Vicki, thanks for the heads up on the parsley. I grew it last year, but the caterpillars ate most of it before it could grow tall enough to bloom. I’ll go out tomorrow morning and whack it down to size!

  7. EEEWWWW to the dead bat. I have similar dead squirrel pictures from my attic from last year…damn things ate my wires, caused lots of damage, then had the nerve to die behind my son’s closet wall…the stench still lingers…

  8. Murphy’s Law Variation: The air conditioning will always go out either on the hottest day of the summer or when you are leaving for an extended vacation to Europe the next day.

    BTW, I’m so glad that you and your Honey found each other. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  9. no woman as funny as you needs to live without air conditioning.
    just think of the the personality points you’ll lose every time your over heated….

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