June 14

Why, I’m practically a newly wed. This is the second anniversary of my marriage to FG.Folded_arms_1

He thinks I tease him on my blog too much for buying bad soap and too many peanuts at Sam’s Club. He’s away on business today. At Mr. Busch’s retreat on Lake of the Ozarks. He travels a lot for work and I knew that before we got married. Because I love him so much it’s hard for me to turn it on and off so sometimes I just revert back to being the completely independent person I was for the fifteen years before I met him. Sort of tune out that background longing. But today I’m missing him so much I don’t know whether to be cranky or sad.

Oh, what the heck? I’ll be cranky. Honey, you can kiss all that Irish Spring and the rest of the 18 pounds of peanuts goodbye.

15 responses to “June 14

  1. I loved the song! You are killing me– is this the SAME bag of peanuts???

  2. I think she gave the rest of the peanuts to the squirrels… that or they’re still sitting on FG’s side of the bed…

    You know, you can always make soap carvings of little animals as Christmas gifts or something with all that Irish Spring…


  4. Anybody who takes personal responsibility for keeping Sam’s Club in business has got to be a keeper. (Very nice looking guy you posted there. Now, how about a picture of your husband? Hoo boy.)

  5. Love the song!! Happy Anniversary Vickste!! and FG too of course!

  6. Love the song!! Happy Anniversary Vickste!! and FG too of course!

  7. ooops… that was supposed to be Vickster…sorry!

  8. ooops… that was supposed to be Vickster…sorry!

  9. Hmmm, second anniversary. Is that the wooden stick or paper anniversary?

  10. Soap and peanuts are going down in the sea of love?! Happy Anniversary!

  11. I’m sorry that you’re cranky, but hey happy anniversary! And if you want to get out of your crankiness, I’m up for some ice cream 🙂

  12. Oh-oh … Irish Spring, peanuts, Sam’s Club … I may be in trouble , too. Happy Anniversary!

  13. Have an extremely happy anniversary; eat peanuts till the cows come home, wash with a LOT of soap, and he’ll be home soon. Nice post, Vicki.

  14. Great tune, and Happy Anniversary to you and FG.

  15. Happy two-year anniversary, big sister, and many more happy ones for you and Rich —


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