Eye Candy Friday

While I think about whether to write a couple thousand words on this or that, HERE’S  a little home video for your viewing pleasure. It’s sort of like HGTV, Musician Addition. What? You thought you could go to music school and earn a living as a musician???

If you follow my posts at all you know who wears the hats in this family. This is what five years of tuition at U-M gets you. Gotta love it.


6 responses to “Eye Candy Friday

  1. So now Dan is literally a rock musician? What good spirited guys!

  2. Hahahaha, I watched most of the video thinking the dark one in the cap was Dan, until he called the blonde one Dan!

  3. No- you were right- Dan is in the cap. The blond is his friend, Justin.

  4. Very zen.
    Dan has your dimples, oui?
    Those dudes rock!
    You look great in hot pink, Vicki!
    5 years at U of M…I cannot resist…GO MSU!

  5. Ya, ya. Go MSU. 🙂 That is not me in the hot pink though; that’s the young film maker’s mother. Dan is doing “landscape architecture” this summer to earn extra $$.

  6. It seems so lame to say “they rock,” but what else IS there to say? They stone?

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