You HOT??

I’m hot. I’m okay until about 2 pm and then I start to wilt. It’s been 90 degrees here in Michigan all week, more coming up. I’m wearing as close to nothin’-and still be decent- as possible.

On the other hand, if I were in Baghdad or that general vicinity I’d be wearing my newly designed all-season fatigues  that include shirt, jacket, long pants and suede boots. The new design offers a slightly looser cut to accommodate body armor. The current temperature, according to Weather Underground  is 109 degrees F with winds out of the NW at 13 mph. Did you know that sand fleas stay below the surface until they smell blood? They don’t wanna get all that sand in their eyes. EWWWWW.

Ya, I know. I’m too old to be serving in Iraq. Except Bill, after 30 years of dedicated service and 4 measly months of retirement, got called back and he’s two years older than me; he’s 56. This is the place in this post where I could go all political on you, but my feelings stay personal on this because, above all, I’m caring about Bill.

So I guess I can’t complain. We just heard from Bill, who is FG’s brother. Here’s the news:

Hello everybody,
          I just got off MSN instant messenger with Bill.  He’s doing fine.  He says that instant messenger is going to be the best way to contact him for a while.  He’s being harassed about being older than the mosques.  He’s the oldest person in his task force anyway.
Care packages can be sent to:
                                                LTC William H. Luker
                                                322nd Civil Affairs Brigade
                                                APO AE 09342

        UPS doesn’t go to APO’s so you have to use snail mail.  Can’t send lots of stuff in the mail.  He has nothing on his want list except what you can’t have in Iraq anyway, like beer.  Oh yeah, everybody is swapping DVD’s, so if you want to send some he can watch and pass on, that would be cool for lots of people.

He seems to be in good spirits. It even sounds like he thinks he can actually contribute to a rapid and successful conclusion to the whole mess. What I mean is that he feels useful– like not just any 18 year old soldier could perform his mission, though he didn’t go into details.  He seems to think that once the Iraqis feel like they can secure their own borders (keep Syrian Al-Qaeda fighters out by themselves), we will be asked to leave.  He thinks that day doesn’t have to be all that far down the road if we don’t loose heart and chicken out now.  He says the Iraqis and the troops are committed and believe they have a doable mission.

          I told him to keep low, move fast and stay close to his armor.  He says to say hi to you all and to pass on his love.   Jon

I was thinking that as long as I have to figure out this very cool mixmania thing Jim is doing over at Patriside  I might as well burn an extra CD or two of my mix, gather up some of the DVDs we’ve already watched and send them on to his CPO address. I’m sure they’ll just be running all over the desert for a chance to watch Winged Migration
I mentioned that I was going to do this to Jim and he thinks it’s a fine idea (because you know, great minds and so forth…) so if you’re doing MixMania  and you wanted to you could spread the summertime cheer. Also if you have any old DVD’s that have more violence and sex than Winged Migration they would go a long way. It would make some guys very happy. We appreciate it, more than you know.

A note: This is an unpaid, apolitical announcement. It’s just about spreading the cheer.
Just include your extra copy and/or any old DVDs in your mailer to Jim and we’ll get the stuff there. Or, if you’re not doing MixMania but have DVDs or a CD mix to spare you can use the above APO directly, if you’re so inclined. Add a note and say hello! Here’s the link to Jim’s one more time and I’ll go drop mine there.  Thanks again. I mean you, Bill.

15 responses to “You HOT??

  1. What types of music does Bill enjoy?

  2. Morning, fellow BCMA Audrey! Bill is 56- probably Gene Autry. No really, he’s a pretty hip guy. More to the point is that he’s a commanding officer with between 500-1000 guys in his group. So literally ANYTHING will do. Bring it on, esp. you, Roy-Boy! No left wing rants this time; just CDs and DVDs.

  3. Sounds great! I’ll even nose around the kids’ cds to see what we can put together. (They are definitely more hip to the music scene than me!)

  4. I’m not sure how hot I am…People are always telling me I’m really hot but I don’t know if I should believe them.

    The Air Farce is changing their uniforms as well. I should be retired before they make the switch.

  5. It’s cool and cloudy down here in the Blue Ridge mountains.

    Interested in CDs that aren’t mixes? I have some classical, rock and other misc. music CDs that I was going to take to Cash Converters, but I’d rather send to Iraq. Unfortunately, we own no DVD’s other than Clifford the Big Red Dog and Shrek.

  6. Vicki, there’s no getting around it, you and Jim make a great team! This? This is a wonderful idea.

    I wasn’t planning to participate in Mixmania but you have inspired me to play along. Now, how to get the Mixmania Master to invite me back over to his side of the fence? I betcha if I ask real nice….

  7. He might let you in, Lu. If you ask REAL nice.

    Edgy- absolutely. I think what I’ll do is, as people comment or e-mail, if they are not doing Mixmania but want to participate, send them my address by e-mail and I’ll send a shipment out from here.

    Muzik- You’re hot. We know it. You know it. Now just stay off the radar long enough to retire.

  8. “I’m sure they’ll just be running all over the desert for a chance to watch Winged Migration…”

    See, this is why I keep coming back. That just killed me.

    Okay, I’ll bite: what is mixmania, and why wouldn’t the master let Lu in?

  9. Jen, you’re late to the opera. Probably because she was late with her mix.
    Go check it out!

  10. Vicki,
    Please do e-mail me your snail mail address and I’m send some CDs along!

  11. Oooo, maybe I can burn some of my radio playlists? This sounds fun. And HELLO Winged Migration was one of zee best movies evah, I bet those military men & women would be all over it.

    So I won’t do the Mixmania thing but just a regular ol’ CD mixes.

    Great idea!

  12. Fellow Michigander here..dodging the storms and the heat..and griping all the way until I read your post! Shame on me.. when our troops are in such dire straits over there! Thanks for reminding me..the whole nation should pray as one like they did on 9-11 for all our troops to get home safely.Thanks for your suggestions on what to do to help them out over there.Thank God for instant messenger…it is helping the troops deal with being away from home a little easier too…

  13. Glad you have it figured out!

  14. Jen’s late to the opera? Oh my word! I feel so much more behind than being late! I’m so out of the loop. What is mixmania? I must check it out.

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