Wednesday is Hump Day?

Well, FG is out of town so I guess that’s academic. It’s also garbage day- or garbaaje day (just French that up, all eloquent, like it has an accent on the last drawn out syllable) as we like to call it here in our politically correct little corner of the world.  Up until recently we had a motley assortment of 3 cans with holes in the bottom from being dragged up and down plus recycle bins for paper and containers plus a compostable can. I virtually always fail in recycling because all those containers have different numbers and I’d mix up detergent bottles with water bottles and then get pink slipped.  This was a bright neon sticker that would never come off your bin, sort of like the Scarlet Letter of trash AND they wouldn’t take the stuff. A veritable parade down the long drive early every Wednesday morning. If you put them out the night before marauding raccoons would have a field day with your trash. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to still be gift wrapping the kitty
litter, tying it up with a bow and a LABEL, since we got our new giant
waste containers. These are the kind that can be picked up by a machine so no one has to touch the trash. You could get a dinky size one for free but I envisioned having to take the remainder of my trash to anonymous dumpsters around town in the dark of night so we paid extra for the jumbo size. This one barely fits in the garbaaje space in the garage and sometimes I have to move the car just to get it out. The good news is that it holds a lot; the bad news is it encourages rampant cheating because you can dump anything in there and until they figure out how to have the can dumping machine discriminate what’s what who’s gonna know?
I wouldn’t have so much trash if I didn’t get so much mail. About one piece out of 25 is worth perusing. The rest was far better off as trees.  Out at Wit’s End I tried to get the post office to stop delivering fourth class mail because that’s all we ever get out there- flyers and coupons and crap advertising laser vaginal rejuvenation (something I’m sure all the bubbas on the lake are keenly interested in. I guess this kind of cosmetic surgery (or whatever you call it) is no longer state-of-the-art brand new because the price is dropping. Now you can get rejuvenated for about 1100.00 and if you bring a friend she is half-price. What happened to kegels?). Anyway, I asked for that to stop because it piles up until our giant rural box is overflowing by the time we get out there but they said they HAD to deliver it. I said "why? My name isn’t occupant." Because they’re under contract to do it, paid by the advertisers. I wondered how the post office was staying alive.
Both kids were around last night, one with a new lease on life and the other made  crew chief at her painting job so she’s gotten a big raise. She’s getting increasingly paint bespeckled by the day and also incredibly tan and lean. This painting is hard work. She’s hoping for a rain day soon. She still had the energy to drive out to the lake with her brother; they run all the way around the lake and then swim. I noticed that one more of my bathing suits- a really nice Speedo tank that I was saving until I lost ten pounds- walked out the door. Just as well. I just felt like a tired hot old person last night and crashed early and when I got up they were both gone or not here. Same difference but that’s one of the weirder aspects of having young adult children. Where’d they go? While you were sleeping and after they emptied the refrigerator?


I’m rambling and this would have been better off as Wednesday, Elective Mute Day.
Oh, except that Tedi reminded me of this: The Breast Cancer Site donates money so that women who can’t otherwise afford them can get free mammograms. This is done as they get money from their corporate sponsors and advertisers based on the number of clicks to the site each day. This number has fallen, maybe because it’s old news, so they’re not generating enough money to support the program. Old news or not, it’s very important good work so please go give them a click right now: Free Mammograms Thanks, Tedi. Happy Hump Day, everyone.

10 responses to “Wednesday is Hump Day?

  1. I once contemplated filing suit against a 4th class “occupant” mailer on grounds of illegal conversion of private property (converting my mail box into a trash bin). It cost me less just to keep throwing the stuff away, unread.

    Oh, wait, this site isn’t about ME. Silly boy. Uh…nice stuff, Vicki.

    P.&S. I made you somewhat infamous today.

  2. This site makes a great home page – helps me remember to click every day!

  3. Audrey has a great idea, because I was just thinking that I forget to click until somebody reminds me. Thanks, Audrey!

    They run around the lake and then they swim. Oh, to be young. Yes, I know, I know I’m running, but sheesh, you make it sound like they do it effortlessly, and I can just picture it.

  4. Ahhh yes, the new bins. I don’t know if I’m a fan of them but hey this way I only have to take the trash out every two weeks. God it’s swell to be single *lol*. I hate those bright orange pieces of paper that they tag you with when you do something wrong. I feel like they’re putting a dunce cap on me. Bastids.

  5. I’m glad you posted today, I enjoy your words even if you’re just rambling. Congrats to TD on her promotion! I’m sure my mother is glad that I will start working soon, I’ve just been lying around getting fat. 🙂

  6. Love the Mammogram site, and the Hunger Site, and the Animal Rescue Site, and the Cancer site, and the Literacy Site, and the Child Health Site, and the Rainforest Site–and I feel guilty if I don’t click on each one every day. ARGH!

  7. I have wondered many times how much money is spent on junk mail. I even get two and three copies of the same magazine in one delivery. Who said its okay to pay to have this crap printed, some may I add on very heavy duty colorful expensive paper, and to pay to have it delivered by a mail man who kindly walks it to my door, only to have me to glance at it, deem it junk, and toss it in the trash. Sometimes I feel that I should at least let it sit on the table for a few minutes just to justify the cost of it all. I think we could pay off the nations debt by stopping the production of junk mail… or at least feed a small country.

  8. Heyyyy, just looking at BCMA, I have kiterunner, and The Jane Austen Book Club is on my kitchen counter.

    I’ll read them if you will.

  9. It’s really all circular…the massive heaps of junk mail end up in my recycling bin, which get picked up by the garbage truck, which passes the mail truck on the way out of the neighborhood, bringing me more junk mail…AHHHHHHHH!!!!

  10. Even your trash talk is interesting!

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