Laugh yourself to sleep…

Jen at Jenorama has a very very funny post about the Life span of a Blogger – funny because it’s so pathetically true. Read it and weep/laugh.
Keri  has introduced me to Great Movies made by The Bunnies. In 30 seconds you can watch Titanic or Jaws or The Exorcist. But "It’s a Wonderful Life" is, of course, A Classic.
You’ll also find their latest release: Pulp Fiction.
G’Night! Funny dreams!

5 responses to “Laugh yourself to sleep…

  1. Are they not the bestest, those bunnies? I’m really looking forward to the ones still to come… *imagining the costumed bunnies in Rocky Horror Picture Show and thinking about King Kong – heh*

  2. Good NIGHT? You’re going to BED already? Wimp!!

  3. Those bunny movies are absolutely hysterical.

  4. Oh, Vicki. Thanks for sending me over to Jen’s! I love that I’m my own best joke.

  5. Thank you, Vicki, for sending Lu to me! It’s been great getting to know her this morning. 🙂

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