Huh? What 100 Things?

I’ve been thinking about starting that 100 things list but just doing one at a time. Lazy gal’s way to a quick and easy post. But I can only think of about 3 things and they’ve all been revealed here before.

Busy Mom wants to know these things about me:

1. Describe your dream house.

 In the movie Double Jeopardy with Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones, Ashley Judd lives in this house on a cliff hanging over the ocean on one of those islands in Puget Sound. I want that house. Location, location, location. Well, not that big a house, but a modest house of natural materials- wood, stone, glass, lots of glass. Open spaces and isolated enough that I can have windows everywhere with no window coverings. It’s all about light and water for me.

2. Have you told your family and friends about your blog? If not, why
not? If so, has it caused any of those awkward moments? If so, what was
your reason for telling them?

 They all know. I’m not a very secretive person- it’s all hanging out. Dan doesn’t want to be exposed much; I could write about him forever but I’m trying to respect his wishes most of the time. TD knows I have a blog but she is too otherwise occupied to really pay attention. That’s good because she provides much grist for the mill. If someone shows it to her I’m sunk. I would say the only really awkward moment was this: My 80 year old mother called (she never calls; I always call her so I knew it was serious) and said, " I HEARD THERE WAS A PICTURE OF MY TOILET ON YOUR BLOG!!!" My sister, the one I have a push-pull relationship with would rat me out in a second with my mom- and did. FG is a dedicated reader but he worries that readers think he is just a goof ball who hangs out at Sam’s Club. He’s not.

3. If you could go back to school and study anything you wanted, what would it be? Why?

    You read my mind! I’m studying to RE-take the GREs after 30 years so I can go back to graduate school and get a Ph.D in natural resources. Not that we’ll still have any by then. Right now I’m sort of hung up on the math portion; I keep scoring about 6% on the sample tests. I’m going to launch a campaign to get the University to accept my scores from 30 years ago, back when I could think. It’s not that I don’t love my work and the people I work with. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful career that’s been very rewarding. I’m just at that point where I would just as soon count stone flies as listen. Change is good.

4. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

    Essentially nothing. I don’t like ice cream. Occasionally I’ll eat the core out of FG’s Ben & Jerry’s Karmel Sutra but that’s about it.

5. Tell us about (and link to) one of your favorite blogs, perhaps
someone who is "undiscovered". Why do you like them? What kinds of
things would I read about there?

  Well, I love Hoss  of course but who doesn’t? Sophie and I check PsychoKitty  everyday because we are so enamored with sullen Max. I read and very much like all of the links on my sidebar. They’re sort of jumbled up, not by priority, but by lack of technological know how. Several of those that I link to I already consider friends. There’s a blog I just found by way of her comments left here and there (well, never here) that I suspect everyone has known about but me and that’s Zee . The first thing I found there were beautiful photographs and she has wonderful posts, too.

7 responses to “Huh? What 100 Things?

  1. I love your list. The best way to develop a list of 100 things (I have a list to mine– I just haven’t written it yet), is maybe to encourage these kinds of questions, and to read other people’s lists.

    I just want to talk to you every day, Vicki B.!

    Please reassure FG that I don’t think he is just a goofball who spends too much [time] at Sam’s Club. He sounds like a wonderful, introspective, independent, mellow guy and makes me very self-conscious about my swearing, because I want him to like me.

  2. Chris has a very good one, by the way. I’d send you to read figpaste’s too, but his blog is defunct now, very mysteriously.

  3. Well, comments left here now!

    I’m glad you wandered into my site, ’cause it gave me a chance to adventure into yours. I love it here already! Can I stay? :o)

    I’ve never done my 100’s, but I like the approach you are going to take. I may follow suit! And the questions above were helpful.

    Thanks for linking me here, and for your compliments. I’ve added you to my blogroll, so now I won’t miss a thing. *grin*

  4. I did my 100 things list 20 at a time. It was easier that way. Of course I never compiled it in ONE place so good luck ever finding it.


  5. Hmm… Well, that’s twice in three days I’ve read that I’m a “push-pull sister,” although I’m not sure what that means. Also didn’t realize I was “ratting” you out to Mom, since you’d told me they were very excited about your blog and you read them everything while you were up there. I was chagrined to learn they didn’t know their toilet and refrigerator had been a photo feature on your blog.

    Hope the foxgloves are doing well.

  6. For mean it means you’re the sister I feel ultimately closest to and struggle the hardest to find ways to express that. We have such very different styles. I love you so much. I wondered if you were still reading and I’m glad a little reference got you to de-lurk. They are indeed doing well- I admire them every day. xoxoxo, me

  7. Oh dear. I both love and hate when people tell about their favorite blogs because I invariable find something new to read, which is a wonderful joy. But at the same time, who has time??? 🙂

    The blogroll grows again.

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