Something Hinky in Techland

My laptop is not running right. I can’t quite put my finger on it but all of a sudden it has
slowed down and is hitching and halting at every turn. It may be linked to Jen  and me messing around with my templates: a problem of too many cooks and only one us-not I- knows how to cook in this particular kitchen. It may be due to a spam saying I’d been blogroll linked to some Las Vegas gambling site (I don’t know, I just don’t know. I didn’t do it.) but I’m certain it’s not due to my spraying Censol Graffiti Remover into my keyboard. Because I wasn’t, readers comments aside, THAT stupid. Easy Off is as far as I go when it comes to tidying up the ol’ G4. Anyway, it may be time to back up something, anything on this baby. Like my professional records. My client billing program. Stuff I might miss.

You know how you start to salivate in the way back of your mouth and then the back of your neck gets hot and cold at the same time and you think, “say! I might be about to hurl…”  I’m getting that feeling about this laptop.

3 responses to “Something Hinky in Techland

  1. I promise it wasn’t the template thing. Correlation does not necessarily refelct a cause and effect relationship.

    Might want to consider backing everything up…

  2. I just gave it a whack with a clean boot. Let it know who’s boss. That seemed to clear things up a bit.

  3. If you Las Vegas connections can give us the winner of the forthcoming Belmont, we can all buy NEW laptops. So find out quick, before you gum up more works.

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