Dedicated to the Ones I Love

FG decided the whole company should go do some good works so we drove the RV out to Annapolis, Michigan and took part in the Relay for Life 24 hour Walkathon. Yes, the 24 hour part means someone on the team has to be walking for every minute of the whole dang night and day. And it was hotter than hell. Since FG volunteered me without prior discussion I thought it only fair that I get to man the karaoke/margarita booth. Right? Life should be so easy. They didn’t have one. The American Cancer Society could use my help in the fund raising department.

In between walking stints the company worked on a major sports and leisure intelligence presentation they have in the Big Apple next week and I did food.  All in all, a good, productive, albeit HOT, day. I’m home now; with my history of basal cell carcinoma there’s only so much sun I can take. But FG and some of the others will be there through the night, alternately working and walking.Relay2

This post is dedicated to Bud and Roberta and Ruth, three of my favorite survivors; to Keri  who runs her heart out for everyone and in memory of David and Gramma Moe.

8 responses to “Dedicated to the Ones I Love

  1. Wow, good for you guys! I worry that I don’t wear enough sunscreen, as I am fair, and then I slather it on and inevitably it gets into my eyes and reaks havoc.


  2. Your blogroll is HUGE!!!!

  3. You mean the people I blogroll- as compared to the 4 who blogroll me. 😛

  4. Hi, Michele sent me and I am so glad. I work on the Relay for Life each year. I am a cancer survivor and recently wrote about the Breast Cancer Stamp. Please check out the post “Fund for the Cure” on my blog. Anyway, I will come back and visit soon.

  5. That’s a “good on ya” for Vicki. Really.

    (I commented on your comment to me on my site. Hope I caught you in time.)

    Move to Oregon. I can get your messages faster.

  6. I am touched, Vicki, that I was one of the people to whom you dedicated your post. Thanks and thanks again.

  7. No, thank you, dear ‘Bert. Remember when you were stone cold bald and I didn’t even notice anymore and asked you, in all seriousness, who did your hair cuz I need a name? 🙂

  8. Thank you, Vicki! Was there a Luminaria Ceremony at your Relay? Did you get to be in attendance for that or did you have to bug out too early for that? Glad you are taking care of yourself, m’dear. 🙂

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