Paparazzi Scoop

Mrs. Mogul and Manolo  have nothing on this intrepid reporter always at the ready with her Canon Rebel.These two blog celebs  matronly moms CelebsATP tennis pros culturally savvy gals were spotted enjoying an unlikely lunch together at the trendy Red Cedar Grill. First one to guess correctly who these renaissance women are wins one of my infamous roll-edge hand knit caps of fine merino wool… (update: Hoss gets half a hat for flattery and half a hat for guessing Bonnie. Bonnie is here from Seattle and was nice enough to take away from her family visit to meet for lunch. You know all those gentle, funny, intelligent and informed comments she leaves? She’s all that and more. Jen is correct: me left, so Bonnie right.)

19 responses to “Paparazzi Scoop

  1. Guess what correctly?

  2. Vicki & Kristen

    Now return my calls!

  3. Judy- you are WRONG! I’m dialing your number now but I know you just want to foist another bird off on me…

  4. It’s (Erased)

    Bring my hat (lg) when we trade hunks next Tuesday.

    (See?!? I knew I shouldn’t have called you! Brat! Hat Nazi: No hat for you!)

  5. Your bird just died.

  6. I know not…waiting with baited breadth though really!

  7. I know not…waiting with baited breadth though really!

  8. It’s me and Genuine.

  9. Close, Muzik. You get the mittens with the thumbs that come out the middle of the palms. Or, the socks with the heels at the ankles. Your choice.

  10. Well, you’re the one on the left. Hmmm… I don’t know who the other one is, but man, I’m jealous of bloggers getting together without me. 😦

  11. My guess is Genuine, but she is in Denver, no?

  12. LOL!!! I want one of those hats, but I have no idea. Want one of my Christmas stockings? Trade ya! 🙂

  13. Folks- You can tell what sort of women are in BCMA. Roberta, I’ll make you hat just to cover your confusion, however, as Claude Raines said to Ingrid Bergman in Casa Blanca: “Genuine is everything a man is. Only more so.”

  14. Judging by the prettiness of the people, I would say this is the overflow room at King Saud’s Harem and Concubinery. Send hat by email, pls.

  15. Genuine was in Casablanca? Gee, she looks as young as you are. No wonder I am confused.

  16. A little bird told me that you are even more beautiful, intelligent, and hilarious in person than on your first-rate blog!

  17. One of them’s Bonnie. Send me half a hat.

  18. My retinas are burning as I gaze upon the combined beauty of our Vicki and Bonnie!

    How many guys tried to pick you two up?

    And with each attempt, did you wag your finger at them and say “You realize this comely redhead is the mother of ELEVEN children?”

    I would have said that. Which is why you all didn’t call me up to join you.


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