Cleaning up my act

Even though I’ve been busy doing this piecework (you’re welcome, Hoss ) for the past couple months I still have to eat, you know. I was noticing that my normally tidy laptop was filling up with crumbs and cat hair and thought I should probably do something about that. Something brown, fuzzy and sticky has been lodged between ‘t’ and ‘y’ for a few days now. I was beginning to have nasty and repulsive thoughts- the kind I have when I go to clean out the veggie bin in the frig after a long month or so. Sooner or later they were going to creep into my normally perky posts like some form of writer’s Turette’s.

I was contemplating some toothpick manipulations similar to those used around the edge of the kitchen sink where it sits into the countertop. Kristen was over and I pointed it out to her and she, too, was appropriately disgusted. She said she had just the thing for it out in her car since she had recently been by Office Max. She immediately produced this aerosol spray can and faster than fast shook it up wildly and aimed it at my keyboard and blasted away. Instantly it looked as though we had taken a fire extinguisher to my poor G4 and I said, "what IS that stuff?"Graffiti20remover

At that point the demeanor that she has developed over years of training as a competent lead flight attendant -she’s the head honcho who works first class and makes all the important announcements; I don’t think she has to monkey around with that detached yellow oxygen mask demo anymore- anyway, that persona began to fail her and she said, "well, I’m not sure. I got it in the computer aisle…"

Kristen has to do a lot of multi-tasking in her work and she has many friends who are usually far away and lots of times I see her talking on her cell phone headset while she’s cooking or knitting or whatever. I began to suspect that this can of stuff was purchased while she was otherwise occupied.

I have no idea what we just sprayed all over and into my keyboard. Now it looks like spit up Sugar Daddys covered with foam. I’m just going to type around it. But if bad things start popping up here, you’ll know why.

This can’t be good for the ozone.

11 responses to “Cleaning up my act

  1. Ummmmmm Censol does make a air canister that blows out gunk in sensitive components, but this gel is for removing paint or something. I hope you didn’t need the letters on the keyboard for typing!

  2. Jim- don’t you have anything better to do than come over here and take me seriously? I didn’t spray Censol in my computer. It was Easy Off.

  3. lol. I’m laughing at Genuine’s comment.
    Hi Vicki! Genuine actually sent me over here. Seems that we’re in the same area. (same ending to the email address)…so I thought I would say hi neighbor!

  4. hahahaha, i took you seriously too!

    you need to get a canister of air from the computer aisle and blast your keyboard with that.

  5. you made me laugh
    then laugh
    too funny

  6. Sugar Daddies covered with foam. Do I have the right blog?

  7. I bet that stuff wiped out 90% of your posts….

  8. *giggle* *giggle* *snort*…I’ll send my 2 year old over..he’s really good at taking off all the lap top keys…and I’m a pro at putting them back on!

  9. *giggle* *giggle* *snort*…I’ll send my 2 year old over..he’s really good at taking off all the lap top keys…and I’m a pro at putting them back on!

  10. Oh, wow. Now I know what you were talking about!

    Want I should come over with my assortment of screwdrivers and straightened-out paperclips?

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