Pool’s Open!

In Ann Arbor, all the pools open on Memorial Day. We make no exceptions. P.S. In answer to Hoss, I said, this is our front yard and that is my monster stepcat, McCloud, weighing in at 22#. I try to love him even though I didn’t give birth to him. Those are our orphan mallard ducks. They get along fine.Duck_pool_2

13 responses to “Pool’s Open!

  1. What a sweet photo! No wonder the ducks are all on one side of the pool!

  2. Your cats don’t mess with your ducks? We have wild turkeys and my cats stalk them all over the neighborhood. Very funny.

  3. What a beautiful yard and garden!

    Sophie can’t swim, right?!

  4. Aww, the poor ducks! Very darling picture, although I must say I went through all sorts of loop holes to finally get to this post. What has happened to your main page?

  5. Hahahaha, that’s great! That cat looks HUGE!!!

  6. Where is this? Your back yard? Funny pic.

  7. thanks for the info, Vickster. that makes this all the better.

    nice looking yard. those dope plants on the right side might need staked pretty soon, tho.

  8. Ha. I seem to remember you holding out on the pool. Looks like FG won. : )

  9. Do you have room for just under a dozen kidlets in there by any chance?

  10. What are the blue bell-like flowers right in the center of the picture? Campanula or something?

    I love McCloud’s fat tummy. Makes me want to give him a little squeeze.

  11. Did the cat swallow a duck? Looks like his bellys a widdle chubby 🙂

  12. I guess you haven’t seen my Bunnies and Ducks post from Easter. Better watch who you let near those little birds.

  13. Um, are you sure that’s a cat? 22? My 20 month old daughter weighs 24 pounds!

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