Memorial Day Message

Got word from brother/girlfriend Jon, just today, that brother Bill (see this post ) is safe in Iraq. Thank you to those of you who make note of Memorial Day in your posts- for your thoughts, good wishes, and prayers for those serving. There’s a reason I’m just so grateful to have found Bonnie . This would be a great day for you to find her, too, if you haven’t already.  I’m adding this picture of Bill and his brothers, including FG, at Arlington in March of this year. Bill was receiving the flag and the message of gratitude from the chaplain for the service of Norman to his country. Norman, their father, died of Alzheimer’s but not before he served first his country and then his family and community. He was one of those from "the Greatest Generation" that Tom Brokaw wrote about: highly decorated with every possible medal. He was most proud, not of the Purple Heart, but of his Combat Infantry medal. I am in awe of people like Norman and my father and Bill and I am saddened that we still have so many lessons to learn about living peacefully on this tiny star.Arlington_51

2 responses to “Memorial Day Message

  1. You should go say hello at This Full House too– link’s on my blogroll.

  2. Somewhat related, Keith’s brain tumor hero (on a different front line entirely) wrote this morning to say that he was hoping to be sending us a newsletter telling us the joyful news about his new CD Bittersweet, because he was expecting UPS to be dropping 15 cases of it in his driveway this morning to be autographed and shipped out to his fans. But instead he was writing to let us know that when we heard the news on CNN this morning about the plane that went down in Iraq killing 4 Americans and one Iraqi, that he and his family were impacted – his brother-in-law was killed. The last word they’d had from him was an e-mail saying he was really looking forward to hearing Bittersweet…

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