What’s Going On?

It’s Memorial Day weekend, not Memorial Hospital weekend. What’s triggered the guys I read to go all emergency room on us?  Jay , Genuine  and Muzik – the first three I check- are writing about medical catastrophies. I’m going to go check in on Bonnie, Jen and Grace and hope they’re having more fun. Already saw that Mamacita was on garage cleaning duty and we’re just out here at Wit’s End, playing catch n’ release. I think that’s what Jim and Lu are playing, too, or some variation.

4 responses to “What’s Going On?

  1. OOOOOOoooooh you can bet that Lu and I are playing a LOT MORE than just that! 😉

    Rainy and cool here in Manitou Springs, perfect weather for, um, “getting acquainted”.

  2. How delicious is that? It appears you’ve melded into one person as ‘Lu’ is posting that “Lu and I…”

    I have wonderful memories of ‘melding’ weekends with a certain someone I met via the internet a couple years ago…have fun. If you run out of things to do you can go feed the giraffes. 🙂

  3. Loads more fun. I had my ER summer two years ago.

    But you already know I’m having loads more fun today!

  4. I did my ER stint 2 weeks ago–

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