Heron Today, Gone Tomorrow

When we come out to the cottage we always bring wonderful food for a gourmet dinner. Kristen is visiting before she sets off on a six day flight thing (she works for a MAJOR airline but doesn’t take too much offense when I go off about travel debacles) and between us we had grilled pork tenderloin and wild caught Copper River Coho and Caesar salad made with some wonderful Parmesan Reggiano brought back from Rome. A nice bottle of 1999 J. Lohr Arroyo Seco Chardonnay. You get the picture. But then, the next day, there’s never anything for breakfast. We  just don’t ever plan ahead.

This morning early the Great Blue Heron stopped by the dock; herons do this thing where they are honing in on something, fish-wise, and when they get a fix on it- well, that’s attention. My neighbor Patrick is trying again with the pond idea this year, bigger and better and quite the undertaking (more later), but last year when he did a little mini pond no sooner had he stocked it with expensive koi and gone in the house for a beer when he came out to find the Great Blue amidst the gnome and frog pond art, eating the last of them. He’s always threatening to "get the 22 and that’s the end of the Herring" but I know he won’t.

This morning the sun is beaming on the water and we were pondering breakfast options when FG said, "If I was a real man I’d go out and get us something to pop in the Bass-o-matic." That was, in my humble opinion, one of the funniest skits SNL ever did. Fgbass_1Here’s a picture of FG from last evening. He’s poking his head in Patrick’s bedroom window to ask him if he wants this nice bass he caught for his new pond. The reason he’s sticking his head in the window is because he asked the other bubbas outside where Patrick was and they said, "Oh, Pat and your wife are in his bedroom…"  (we were downloading pictures for your future viewing pleasure. Aren’t you intrigued? )

3 responses to “Heron Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Well, I have to admit, I was wondering how you got the picture of FG when he was poking his head into someone else’s bedroom… 😉

  2. All he needs is a blender! Funniest skit I have ever seen, to this day!

  3. Hey! I was in Patrick’s bedroom yesterday! (Roy and Patrick were there, too. We were working on his computer.)

    Patrick better be careful, or he’s going to garner quite a reputation …

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