Memorial Day Weekend at Wit’s End- part #1

I had only been posting for about 10 days when I put this up on April 10th. Here’s the picture that went along with that bit:Swan_3  I’ve been watching closely for the last number of weeks and only one swan

has been out, meaning that one has been on the nest all the time. Today when I saw two swans I knew they had babies out! I got out the telescope and we count between 6 and 8; it’s hard to tell how many because both parents stay close and circle at all times. In my next post I think we all know each other well enough now that I can introduce you to my neighbors out here at Wit’s End.
Brace yourselves. Babyswan_1

5 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend at Wit’s End- part #1

  1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. That is awesome! Hey, I think my reading your post about the bunnies has karmically altered my life: tonight my kitten Rufus (who is not old enough to be fixed yet) brought us a dead bird. An adult dead bird.

    His first kill; I doubt it’s the last.

  3. Great photo; I love the one baby on her Mom’s back.

  4. Scholars call the masculine swan a cob;
    I call him a narcissistic snob.
    He looks in the mirror over and over,
    And claims to have never heard of Pavlova.
    ~Ogden Nash

  5. Damn cool pic.

    Found via Seattlite Bonnie FYI who I really dig.


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