Movie Madness- or lack thereof

This is embarrassing. Goldie  sent me a movie meme and I’ve been stalling around since I’m at the mercy of Panera’s wi-fi here in Florida for a few days. I’m using the same Styrofoam cup for the past three days and Ms. TD finished her book and got bored waiting on my blogging that she lured a pigeon in with bread crumbs (that’s why they have that basket of dried out bread samples up there by the counter, isn’t it?). So before we get a lifetime ban from Panera’s let me try to do this movie thing. It will be very disappointing because I’m not much of a cinemaphile (is that even a word?).

Total number of films I own on DVD/Video: Not counting the 38 of the Burns Park School 1st grade play, Halloween, Christmas, TD as a dancing toddler, and  numerous bad band concerts: three. I/we own three.

Last film I bought: Winged Migration.

Last Film I watched: Sin City. After the opening credits, which were incredible, this was a tragic mistake. See: my review with Bruce Willis photo .

Five Films I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

Stake-Out, II. I’m sorry. What can I say? This: three months after my father died my sister and I were taking a week to recover on Lake Michigan over near Grand Haven. We were both practically catatonic and we had been reading and beach napping everyday but one day, when it was pouring rain, we decided to go into town to the movies. They were showing Stake Out, II with Richard Dreyfus, Emilio Estevez and Rosey O’Donnell before she got obnoxious. There were the two of us and one other guy ( a bum, sleeping) in the theater. There’s a scene where Rosey O’Donnell serves up dinner to the bad guy neighbors and she walks into the room carrying this tray of: Penguin ordouvres. (sp! Even spell check can’t spell it.) They are made with hard boiled eggs with olive slice flippers and little eyes and they are standing upright on a bed of "snow" which is an inch thick layer of Crisco. There was something about those penguins, beyond the fact that my father died of too much Crisco, that tipped us over the edge. We became hysterical with laughter which turned into sobbing and screeching and squealing and more laughter. We never even saw the rest of the movie although we sat in the theater acting as though we needed to be put into straight jackets pronto and we laughed for two more days after that. To this day, one of us just says, "those penguins…" and we’re done for. Clearly you had to be there.

Five Days One Summer. A beautiful sleeper of a film that stars Sean Connery looking his age, made about 15 years ago and barely circulated. He plays a British physician back from conflict in India and takes his niece mountain climbing in the Alps. She is, of course, 30 years his junior and they have a sort of love affair. The cinematography is out of this world and there’s a scene where they discover the frozen-in-time body of a handsome 25 year old villager who fell down a crevass 50 years before and the 75 year old fiancee is standing there as they lift the body out. Incredible.

Hmmm- Raising Arizona

Everest. In Imax.

Home Video of my father trying to teaching serious brown cow-eye Daniel, age 7, and whirling dervish Turtle Dream to play the trombone he played in the Army during WWII.

Is that a pathetic movie meme or what? I would pass this to Hoss but he would say, "What’s a DVD?" sp00kalot, I owe you one:  you do it!

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