Deja Vu

Here I sit at Panera’s in old N.E. St. Petersburg. This time I’m here with Ms. Turtle Dream wrangling with  USF, trying to get her registered and what not. Today we spent half an hour hassling about whether she could even see an academic advisor without a completed immunization form in hand. Since they had typed in one wrong digit of her SS# on her initial file everything was pending until that got corrected. I pointed out that we couldn’t know she needed this immunization form because Abby couldn’t access the online site because she was using the right (wrong) SS# and not getting into the system via internet. I swore up and down that I took care of her long enough to get her poked with antibodies at the appropriate times and so on and so forth, blah, blah, blah. So this trip amounts to a lot of red tape, faxing and irritation. I was letting Abby do all the work but I finally stepped in long enough to say Abby was NOT leaving town Wed. without talking to an academic advisor and she WAS leaving town Wed. evening so they needed to flex somewhere. Abby is determined to "get outta Dodge" before she becomes a classic Ann Arbor townie and I’m doing what I can to support that.

I came over here to get online and they’re shutting early for a Panera staff meeting. What’s to meet about? You make the coffee and slice the bread…Anyway, I can’t check in with friends today online and that’s a disappointment. Glad to see Bonnie is back and Hoss did his music meme as only he would/could. I wrote a little blip on the plane this morning and I’ll pre-post that for tomorrow AM- please excuse all the spelling/grammar/mess- it’s hard to do that stuff in a middle seat with your elbows tucked under your armpits, typing like a chicken. But Beth was talking about depression and I thought that was worth commenting on.

Hopefully, in the morning, Panera’s will be up and running with wi-fi again and I can see what’s up in your neck of the woods.

6 responses to “Deja Vu

  1. You’re a busy little thing.

    Good luck to the Dream Ticket. Make sure she gets her booze vaccination (see, you take a shot glass, fill it with tequila, grab a piece of lime with your off hand, slam the shot glass on the bar….)

  2. University red-tape can be a real pain at times, especially when they’re the ones that messed up ugh. Ooo la laa, I see you have Winchester in your book list, I love that book, one of my favourites. Thanks for commenting on my blog. 🙂

  3. Oh god, I’ve already lost my children’s vaccination forms, and they’re only six and three. I had to harass our doctor’s office in order to get the eldest into Kindergarten. It’s all a conspiracy.

    I think I need a Hoss vaccination.

  4. thanks for the mention. good luck with the red tape.

  5. Start demanding to see a Dean. That will get things moving. My friend Karl just did that and got results.

  6. Ya- but look at Karl now.

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