Because they are few and far between…

…if I could design a perfect late Spring day it would go like this:

First, I would wake up from a really sexy dream, one that’s very hot but also romantic and where I’m literally giggling throughout the dream.It would be in color and stretch out like real time and be very multi-dimensional. And the other person in the dream would be, not a total stranger or some random movie personality, but someone I really know like, say,my husband. So I would wake up feeling very very good about that person snoring next to me. And I would wake up after a full night of uninterrupted and peaceful sleep into a sunny yellow cottage room with tongue and groove natural hickory floors and photographs from Monet’s very own garden . The sun is shining in and I would say, "whoa! what time is it? 9 am?  I haven’t slept that late in months! I’m hungry!"

So I would talk it over with FG and decide the Coney Island that has corned beef hash and omelets running with melted cheddar is the answer. After breakfast we would come back to the cottage and I would watch FG throw a few lines from the dock but with no real enthusiasm because the bass are all on their beds right now and even though we practice catch and release, what fish wants to be aggravated when they’re doing their thing? So instead we would wander up and down the shoreline and see, not several feet away, beautiful bass and blue gill hovering over their sandy beds, enjoying their own perfect day. And I would see the muskrat that lives under the dock go scooting over to the next dock. And I would see a bird at the feeder I’ve never seen among the crowd of Grosbeaks, Nuthatches, Titmice and Yellow Finches: a stunning Red-Bellied Woodpecker. I’d stop and chat with my cottage neighbor about raising the docks and visit with my favorite dog, Lover, a beautiful Chocolate Lab.

Since it’s my perfect day the weather is, of course, perfect. Clear and warm, sunny blue with a few cotton candy clouds. I would say, "time to change from country mouse to city mouse because the city garden calls." And on the ride home I would see two hawks, some wild turkeys and the corn that I love in August sprouting in the fields today. Front_garden

And so the day would go. One of the best parts would be coming home to a clean house because the cleaning fairy came by while we were away. I would garden in the perennial bed and also put in the tomatoes in the raised bed in back.Tomatoes_1  FG would go play nine holes and then we would get takeout sushi from our favorite place in town. My perfect instincts would say, "pick up an extra order; you can never tell who might stop in" and then a friend from BCMA would stop in with a homemade lemon meringue pie. And we would sit on the front deck and eat sushi and pie. And since it’s always a thrill I would get WAY too much wasabi on one bite and my nose would spaz out and my eyes water. And all the while,because it would be warm enough to keep the doors open I would hear my new baby finches alternately chirping happily and screeching to be fed, just like most babies. Feedme

And in the end, as the sun got lower in the sky I would discover that I could sit out in the lounge chair and still be online so, while Sophie lies in the sun and takes the longest ever kitty tongue bath, I could write about what a perfect day would look like. You could click the pictures to see how really perfect it would be.

6 responses to “Because they are few and far between…

  1. Wouldn’t it be swell if everybody in the world could have a day like this, just once?

    Great description of a Great Day, Vickster. (Send me lemon meringue pie by email pls. Will be your slave forever.)

  2. Sounds like the perfect, beautiful day!

  3. I am more peaceful after reading this…thanks!

  4. I think I might just go out and make this a reality today! thanks for the idea!

  5. I think I might just go out and make this a reality today! thanks for the idea!

  6. Oh my gosh, that was perfect from beginning to end!!! Vividly written.

    Are you in my coma with me? 😉

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