Sometimes you feel like a blog, sometimes you don’t…

I was feeling a little loggy as opposed to bloggy for a day or two and the paperwork on my desk was piled sky high and the place was a dump. So I took a break to pay the bills and pitch the house plants out onto the deck; if it snows again that’s their problem. Filled out that damnable FAFSA for college aid for Ms. Turtle Dream. That’s one of those blasted tasks that makes you want to throw your laptop across the room and eat glass. I can never remember,find, conjure up or get online help to discover the pin number. Pin number, hell, I can’t even find her social security number in the black hole I call my file cabinet.

Plus we have more things simmering than we have back burners:

Ms. Turtle Dreams got accepted to the Environmental Sciences and Policy Program at USF, despite getting her act together about, hmm, ten months too late. This is the family genius who got through junior year with a 3.9, SATs of 1480, National Latin exam winner 3 years running, Greek scholar and then…decided she would skip senior year to learn how to bowl, take a few diving trips and catch up on her sleep. Ms_turtle_dream

She’s been supporting herself (no one else was going to do it after that run) by waiting tables at Steak n’ Shake and valet parking around the University. She didn’t complain and actually was fairly chipper about it until a couple weeks ago when one of the other waitresses seated a deaf couple and then went and got them the braille menu. Abby figured there are brighter lights in a coal mine and that she needed to rise up so she put in her two weeks notice and sent her paperwork in to USF with a statement of purpose and an apology for being such a senior year screw-up. They bit.

So now it’s a mad dash down to Florida on Monday to get her situated for August. Most everyone else is registered and she has to do that plus figure out the residency situation now that we have a second home down there. We told her if she looked organized at the end of the first year we would support her fully the rest of the way and she seems both determined and fine with that.

I’ve decided I’m such a big fan of Hoss  and his Old Folks Home could be just the place for us in another 30 years so we might consider a move to Oregon. This pot has barely gotten above room temperature so there’s a lot of cooking between here and there but the thought has me all stirred up anyway. Ann Arbor has been home for me for 34 years and FG was born here, left and came back home. High anxiety stuff. Maybe I’m just twitterpated at the thought of being in the same state as Hoss, who knows. It would be interesting to see if THAT move would be enough distance to keep these big kids out of my refrigerator and shower and off my sofa on weekends. That would be too sad so I hope not.

Hatchlings turn to fledglings all too quickly- I know mine have. Fortunately they get ungainly and raucous and demanding enough that you’re ready to shove them out of the nest when the time comes. So here’s a little bit of what Buzz  calls ECF (Eye Candy Friday) for nature lovers.Toddler_ducks These gawky guys love nothing more than rooting around my garden efforts for pill bugs and grubs. I’ll check in on friend blogs tonight from the cottage. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful day!

5 responses to “Sometimes you feel like a blog, sometimes you don’t…

  1. You are going to the cottage? Lovely. Are you going to look in on Calvin College tomorrow? You won’t be that far away. See you soon.

  2. Hey they’re getting so big!! Pretty soon you’re gonna have to kick ’em out of the nest and teach them to fly! Don’t worry, they’ll come back every year to visit you. And they’ll bring everyone they know with them.

    PS. I’m jealous of Abby. I always wanted to be in environmental science. My problem was I hated biology class. Thats a big problem. I guess I didnt realize that I would need it later on.

  3. Right now I have 9 Canadian goslings cruising around the property. The parents brought them up for inspection quite proudly.

    You obviously have a knack for raising teenagers AND ducklings. That is about the best description of handling a bright but burned-out kid I have ever read.

  4. Come to Oregon, come to Oregon!

    So says this former Michigander/A2 resident, anyway…

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