Blogging for Books (blush)

I’m very pleased to be a winner in May’s Blogging for Books contest. Thank you Jay, Kim and Joshilyn Jackson for reading the entries and for choosing mine as a winner among a whole passel of great ones. Congratulations to the other winners.  I read them all. I appreciate the honor and I’m humbled to be in such good company. Thank you also to all the readers who left such kind and gratifying comments.B4bw_1

I never won anything before except a bicycle a really long time ago. One time at the Saline County Fair I dropped my name into every little drawing fishbowl at the booth tent and 6 weeks later I got this call from a guy at the local Christian Radio station saying he had been trying and trying to find me to give me the bicycle I won. Christian Radio Station? What? I took the bike anyway.

That was back in 1981. 23 years later that guy was still trying to find me. As FG and I were getting to know each other he confided that long before he got his PhD, worked for Children’s Television Workshop, taught at Temple and started his own consulting firm he did the morning rush hour show on the local Christian Radio Station. That was an important part of his history that he felt good about and he hoped that didn’t mean I wouldn’t go out with him. I married him anyway.

Here’s the link to my Blogging for Books Entry .

9 responses to “Blogging for Books (blush)

  1. You are hilarious, as always, you and your stories about Christian radio stations.

    Congratulations on your win! You rock!!!!

    I’m so very proud of you!!!!

  2. Thanks for finding me and congratulations on the Blogging for Books win! I was planning to read the winners tonight. Woohoo!

  3. Instead of going back to my writing, I got caught up in your archives. May I borrow the BCMA title? Without knowing it, we started a BCMA franchise several years ago here in the North Carolina mountains. Sometimes we talk about books (having read the book is optional), sometimes we drink, sometimes we play Rook, but mostly we laugh and support each other. Sound familiar?

  4. Congratulations for winning! I’m home now, and I’m exhausted. I’ll blog about my trip tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for asking!

  5. You bet. Next Sunday BCMA is doing a movie (The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill)and dinner; I can hardly wait. Every woman needs a BCMA.

  6. Whoo hoo. Congrats.

  7. Congrats! You sooo deserve it!!!

  8. Congratulations, Vicki! I am thrilled for you and grateful to B4B for turning me onto your wonderful blog.

  9. OOOOooo!!!! I knew you could do it!! Good for you Vic!!

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