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I’ve been thinking that reading and writing weblogs can go one of two ways. If you’re not careful it can become just more of the too-much-information media overload that most of us suffer from in any case. On the other hand it can also be a great opportunity to fine tune the stuff to which you expose your gray matter and a wonderful way to meet good and interesting people. People who know things that you don’t, live places you don’t and have lives that are very different from yours but resonate with your mind and spirit nevertheless. In the past two months (exactly!) I’ve met about a dozen new people who enrich my life for a few minutes each every day. That, in the course of a busy life, is a lot. Jen and Amy have become friends, I enjoy very much reliving the anticipation of new life reading Chris’s blog and Buzz can identify alien glop.  MaxedOutMama challenges my political naivete and Mamacita reminds me that my children were lucky that they each came across one or two teachers so dedicated and smart and funny. Two people that I love to visit have lives that are very different from mine and each other: Bonnie has eleven children who she has home schooled with grace and style, she’s a cellist and she practices yoga religiously. Hoss is with his wife, who is ill, and they are living in "The Old Folk’s Home"; he’s a former newspaper editor and all ’round wise guy with a fine wit. He says Bonnie is his heroine. This six degrees all makes me smile.

Jill, who just got her Masters in Cello, gave me this great CD for Christmas and when I was playing it this afternoon, I thought, yeah, Gene and Bonnie are connected like that: at least tangentially- and aren’t we all?


Once Upon a Time in The West, Trilogy

5 responses to “Blog Friends

  1. Wow, that’s a great post. You have become a dear friend too– I read every day, and enjoy our email exchanges as well.

    I am loving your audioblogging too!

  2. Thank you, Vicki! I suspect that Hoss and I have another degree in common–we both admire you, your family, your spirit, and your blog!

    Hoss is a MAN among MEN.

    Jill is a wonderful cellist and I am deeply touched and honored by your gesture!

  3. Indeed. This adventure has taken me places I could never have imagined, introduced me to people I cherish and admire.

    What an incredible universe. And an incredible post (again).

  4. Thank you Vicki! I hope that was me Amy of the Jen and Amy thing that has become your friend. If it was another Amy then I understand but have it known that I feel the same about you too anyway. I even printed the picture of your icky tree and showed someone at work saying, “See what my FRIEND has in her tree?”

    Proof right there. You are my friend.

  5. Tis you, indeed! Purveyor of the Brain Fart Awards. Good Morning!

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