A Slow Night

FG got home from his business trip and he was bushed so we went upstairs to see what was on TIVO from the past couple days. Revulsions, aka Revelations, was on but I don’t understand that show- half the time I can’t tell the Christ team from the Anti-Christ team and maybe that’s the whole point but it gives me a headache. Also, it makes me too nervous to think about who’s behind the production of this show, sort of like trying to figure out the politics of oil. The last time I watched this kind of weirdness it was about 4400 people brought back from outer space but right when we were about to discover whether the show was about good aliens or bad aliens they canceled the series. So I never found out.

Still, it was a good night to stay cozy in bed- we had a great thunderstorm here- so I wandered around reading blogs. I’m not blogrolled on any of them. 500 people a day come to this site but I only know about 12 of them. Rich watched Indiana play Detroit but after a bit I wondered if there was anything but basketball on and checked out the other channels online. I found this:

America’s Funniest Home Videos (New)
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7 WXYZ: Friday, May 13 8:00 PM
Reality, Comedy
The season’s three $100,000 prize winners return and compete for the grand prize — a trip to all 11 Disney theme parks worldwide.
Executive Producer(s): Vin Di Bona, Todd Thicke, Terry Moore
Original Air Date: May 13, 2005

Now this is a show I DO understand. This is where America gets hysterical with laughter when people sled into trees, garrote themselves on clotheslines and have toilet mishaps. There is an undercurrent of fat brides falling into wedding cakes and drunk uncles knocking over the Christmas tree. Also, there are a lot of little ratty dogs chasing their tails.

I don’t watch this show, but after reading the promo, I’m thinking that I really missed out by not sending in a video of FG on that trampoline he bought at Sam’s Club. Check out that Grand prize. A world tour of ALL ELEVEN Disney theme parks. Every Disney park on the planet. A world tour. One after the other after the other. I SO want that prize- want it, want it, want it.

Like I want to skate on an ice rink in Hell during the End Times.

3 responses to “A Slow Night

  1. I love a good Michigan thunderstorm! I hate blogrolls! I love the Pistons! I hate the telly!
    I love your writing! I hate Disney parks!

  2. In a previous life I was one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but one of the other Horsemen assassinated me, so I came back as the AIDS virus. This works a lot better than being a plain old plague.

    (P.S. I love what Bonnie said. She’s my hero. Heroine.)

  3. I really missed out by not sending in a video of FG on that trampoline he bought at Sam’s Club.

    That is one of the most hilarious sentences, especially in the context of your entire blog, that I have ever read.

    He bought a trampoline at Sam’s Club.

    Oh, I am rolling on the floor.

    That is the single best reason yet I’ve heard for that man needing supervision at Sam’s Club.

    Thank you!

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