Happy Birthday, Daniel

Daniel was here with Jill to celebrate his birthday the other night but because she is leaving for Russia in a couple days they headed back to Cleveland-they had lessons to teach and things to do. So Dan won’t be around for cake today.I wrote a long bit about Dan- his music, his accomplishments, all of those things that make a mother proud. Now I’ve scrapped it because I know he just doesn’t want to be exposed like that, even if it is with love and admiration. Daniel_1
So I will only say these two things: Dan is the most right hearted and decent person I have ever met.
The other thing is, listening to him tease and tussle with Jill in the kitchen the other night, I realized that Dan has  grown up and is moving on. Not without a small exquisite pain, this makes me incredibly happy. Happy Birthday, Daniel.

For Dan

5 responses to “Happy Birthday, Daniel

  1. The beautiful person that is Dan is also a shining tribute to you.

    Happy Birthday, Dan!

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful boy. Happy birthday to both Mama and son.

  3. He is precious! Then and now! Happy Birthday, Dan!

  4. Look around you to see what is best and X10 that best is what we wish for you and Dan and the rest of your family.

  5. Wow, What a beautiful picture! I will play the song later– I’m only up taking meds before heading back to bed (have determined that alleries are, in fact, a cold).

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