Another good idea gone awry

Money near is money dear. Good expression, that. I was brought up with the notion that, other than your home or your farm, if you don’t have the money in your pocket you can’t have it. Fishing Guy is a productive, hardworking research person who owns his own small business and he appreciates the value of having things like mortgage interest on your income tax return. I do not. If it were up to me, we would have no mortgage and our pile would be under the mattress. So it’s not surprising that while FG is calculating how big a mortgage we should take on a second home I’m busy filling jars with pennies and returning bottles.

Today I thought I would save 55.00 by opening up the sprinkler system for the season by myself. Not that I spend money on water by running it. Vaughn’s Irrigation, the people who charge us to clear out the lines every Fall and then charge us again to start it up in the Spring had been calling to schedule a time but I thought this cannot be rocket science. I can do this. Open the valve in the basement, open the valve outside, set the programmable clock for once every drought. It’s not entirely clear to me what went wrong with this plan but at least some old pots of dirt from last year are getting watered.  SprinklerSprinklersystem_2

8 responses to “Another good idea gone awry

  1. I have seen that three years in a row! I found guy that fixed it from happening. It’s not cheap to replace that part either!

  2. Genuine took the clarinet case??!!

  3. Probably. And my 6-pak of Vernors. 🙂

  4. hey-that’s clever 🙂

  5. Just dragging my sleepy ass here to say good night and good day, etc.

    Oh, Vernor’s, I love that stuff! I had kind of forgotten about it. I don’t think they sell it here.

  6. looks like you’ve got trouble right there in your own about to be river city. good try though

  7. We have the same money balance in our nest. John’s generally a lot more savvy than I am about future planning – if it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have gotten a house. I hate the idea of debt.


  8. Wellll aren’t you the ambitious one… I probably would have thought about opening the sprinkler system but then took a nap instead.

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