Ducklings’ Big Adventure

After being cooped up in the house for their first 10 days, Mother’s Day was a good day for their first adventure in the outside world. They stayed in a little clump, padding after me, lickety split and often falling over themselves and tumbling part way. No quacks, just peep,peep,peep. They are experimenting with rolly polly bugs but mostly they appear to have an affinity for eating dirt. (You know how unattractively the contents of your baby’s diaper changed as soon as you started her on food? Be glad she wasn’t eating bugs and dirt.) And, like me, they love the sunny Spring garden. Click to enlarge.

4 responses to “Ducklings’ Big Adventure

  1. Awww… how ADORABLE! Those little babies just fill me with the hope of Spring! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Are those wild duckies? Tame duckies? Great horned owls? Ostriches?

    (Yes, I get better compliments because I am almost worthy.)

  3. They are orphaned motherless duckies since day one so we have been keeping them warm and sheltered and feeding them Purina Duck Starter. But now they are switching to grazing around the garden for (MY) small plants and bugs.
    Ya, you almost are worthy. 🙂

  4. Precious babies. I like the one with the black stripe through his eye.

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