Merry Month of May

I’m not sure how this happened but in May:

-The insurance on the cars, house, cottage, FG’s motorcycle and the RV all come up for renewal. A   definite reminder that we have too much stuff.
-My license to practice expires and has to be renewed.
-My malpractice insurance expires and has to be renewed.
-My professional organization affiliations (3) expire and have to be renewed.
-The propane tank runs empty at the cottage and needs to be refilled.
-The boat floats away from the dock and roams around the lake on it’s own.
-Dan has his birthday and his tags and license need to be renewed.
-The grass starts to grow FAST here and at the cottage. In St. Petersburg the kudzu goes wild.
-The cats need to be re-vaccinated.
-It’s been a year so I need a mammogram.
-It’s been a year so I need my cholesterol and thyroid levels checked.
-It’s been a year so I need an annual physical.
-It’s been a year so I need my six month dental cleaning.

This all makes me wonder if there was one day in May, so long ago that I can’t remember, when I started my entire life. Some May when I just suddenly grew up and began taking care of business. ALL AT ONCE. It’s very curious.

6 responses to “Merry Month of May

  1. It’s pretty much the same way around here. Have you also noticed that all your lightbulbs burn out within the same week or so?

  2. Well, now that you have a blog, you will be able to go back through your archives and find out the answers to questions like this…

  3. Vicki: You have way too much to do. So, for starters, don’t renew the cats.

    You’re welcome.

  4. Vickster: You don’t need to send me emails. I come by here every day, unprompted. So there.
    Gene Maudlin/Hoss

  5. Gotcha. Thanks, Gene

  6. The same thing happens to me in January. Go figure.

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