Almost powerless

FG is on the lake casting for bluegill and hopefully, bass (wishful thinking). Fg_1We drove out the hour to the cottage this afternoon to see if we could regain custody of our pontoon boat; it, understandably, prefers life with the swans over in the marsh grass. Somebody (we’re not pointing any fingers because it was moi) failed to secure it after the last swan watch. They must be nesting now because only one is on the lake and (s)he is staying close to the area where I know their nest to be. We retrieved the boat but I won’t go over there again until I see the cygnets out in a month- don’t want to bother them.

A sign of the season that the A and W is open for business so we stopped halfway and got hotdogs and root beer. The new menu features: Chicken Chunks for 2.79. Does this mean they’ll soon feature Hurled Ham at an affordable price? I think they should stick to hotdogs.

Anyway, I left my power cord at home so I’m done with the wide world of blogs for the next 24.

3 responses to “Almost powerless

  1. Wow, your weekend sounds nice! Enjoy the peace and quiet!

  2. I hope you can handle 24 hours without the power cord! Enjoy!

  3. Nice boat! Earl is out right now on his friend’s little boat fishing for whatever he can catch. He’s a big bass and trout guy, so I hope he get some of those. Everytime I go to Walmart I pick him up a lure or two that I think are pretty. It’s one of my ways of supporting his hobbie. One day I would love to get him that bass boat he’s always wanted. But at about the time when I can afford something like that, we’ll probably have a house on a lake somewhere, and that wont be for many moons from now.

    Too bad you forgot your power cord. Try and enjoy life without it.

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