I just remembered my idea. In the process of trying to find it I realized that, now after 6 weeks, this blog is more for me than for your entertainment or feedback; you and I have more than anybody needs of both. Writing little bits is helping me organize my thoughts and time. Anyway, I remembered my idea and I’m off to that but first I did want to blog this:

Last year we raised six orphaned mallards. Because Abby had previously incubated and raised some when she was a freshman in high school we had some experience so we took it on again. When Abby did it the first time she used the experience as a project for both Biology and a video media class so she made a Duckumentary of the whole thing and we still watch it and roll around on the floor laughing.Hatching
Last Spring was the first time for FG and he ended up totally smitten with the ducks. It’s very labor intensive, sometimes heart breaking and basically a laugh riot. He would like to do it again but it’s just too much to hand rear these guys in an urban environment. Without getting bogged down in animal rescue extremism we tried to do it in such a way that they would be sheltered while in our care and still fit to go back to Mother Nature. The goal was to waddle them down to the nearby river at the end of summer.
Both times we “did ducks” a couple came back the next Spring. For the past week a lovely pair of mallards has been under the bird feeder and I know the female is one of ours because she came up and tapped on the doorwall to get my attention while he hung back in the yard. I’m trying hard to ignore them for the most part but I did put out water in the bird bath and a little corn. Over the next few weeks I’ll post, without much comment, sequential pictures from our duckling archives. That will bring back nice memories for us and you can follow along if you’re so inclined. Today I’m posting the yearlings under the feeder now and a picture of Abby incubating her duck eggs. They were hatching that day and she was playing “Good Day Sunshine” for them as they egg-toothed their way free. As usual, click to enlarge.


3 responses to “Ducklings

  1. Finally! A science project one could actually use in the future! Good for Abby for paying attention in class. However, don’t try raising Canadian Geese, I’ve been told. They will return every year with their ENTIRE EXTENDED families.

  2. I LOVE that you raised ducklings! I have a pond in my front yard and every year we get to watch the adult ducks come to the pond, fight over mating rituals and eventually bring their babies to the pond. It is such an awesome experience for me, my kids and so many people in the neighborhood. Around here, we love our ducks!

  3. I love ducklings. There is a pond, less than one block from my apartment, with plenty of ducks. But raise them? Too cool!

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