Getting to Know You

Disclaimer: This post is not about me personally and it doesn’t have anything to do with my home on the range life. It’s just a little observation I’ve made when talking to others and I’m wondering what YOUR experience has been.

In this day and age people travel more- for business or golf or whatever. So one partner is gone and the other one stays at home just doing the day to day stuff- working, cleaning out the gardens from winter, helping with kid problems, cleaning up hairballs, paying bills- just regular stuff. And then after a while he comes home. Sometimes the person left at home has gotten a little bogged down with minor home front concerns, e.g., someone made arrangements for auto-deduct house payments but never made arrangements to fund the newly opened account the payments would be deducted from. The squirrels have broken into four 50# bags of black oil sunflower seed in the garage. One of the year round residents called to say that they weren’t certain, but it appears that your pontoon boat has broken free and is living independently on the lake at your cottage. And oh, by the way, one of the young adult children is giving up on the 1929 vintage Beuscher baritone saxophone he’s been playing and needs a replacement that will run roughly 7-8,000.00.

These are just random examples and all just sort of minor things anyway but the traveling partner comes home. And he’s HAPPY to be home. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. And before eight words are exchanged he has an inspired idea. An idea of how they can reunite. How they can transcend all these mundane concerns and feel again the love and passion they felt before he left. How all the petty details of life can be set aside as they reestablish a peak level of intimacy. He knows precisely what will help them reconnect after his absence. And the good news is they don’t even need to speak!

Him: Say! I know how we could feel close!  Her: Say! I’d sort of like to feel close first. 

Am I wrong?

(Sometimes, yes. A certain person who has my weblog as his home page, from here on known as FG (Fishing Guy) sent me a little e-mail reminding me who was HAPPY,HAPPY,HAPPY. blush.)

6 responses to “Getting to Know You

  1. I absolutely agree. And I also think your grey kitty is a dead ringer for my Rhetty!

  2. And you know, if you were the one who had gone out golfing and he was the one who had stayed home dealing with the daily trials and tribulations of the house… If you had come home happy happy happy and he was umf umf umf… If you had suggested a certain way to feel close… He would have ripped both your clothes off and nailed you before you got up the stairs cause when it comes to that, it doesnt matter if the house was on fire, guys want it when ever it’s offered.

  3. Sometimes we get to chose the happy, happy, happy way we get close, and sometimes they get to chose the happy, happy, happy way to get close. I think that’s called ‘reciprical’. And hopefully it is. Now, who gets to chose and when, is up for grabs… not always perfect, I’m sure. But what the heck do I know???
    Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus comes to mind……..

  4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, indeed! Was the sax good?

  5. While it lasted- which was a good long time, so I shouldn’t really complain…

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