I just went upstairs to find the hat I wanted to finish off for Dan and this is how things look up there in Rich’s absence. I hope he’s having fun golfing because I’m certainly making good use of his space.

Click  and you’ll see that not only are the peanuts still in play; some dark chocolate covered graham crackers from  Whole Paycheck climbed in there, too.Richs_side_of_the_bedBed_mess

3 responses to “THE FAR SIDE OF THE BED

  1. It’s kinda like when you go away and your dog pulls all your socks and underwears into his bed so he can smell you. Yeah, kinda like that. At least you don’t put all that stuff on his side when he’s still sleeping.

  2. what were you doing in my house? By the way wayside is having a good sale.

  3. I am so glad the peanuts are still around.

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