Time Out. Substitute Blog

This is bad. I have stuff to do. Besides blog. I woke up cranky this morning and I don’t know whether it’s because  a) it’s still raining and I can’t get my mulch, b) everyone (Toni) has either moved or is out of town or c) I’m getting that Irritable Butt Syndrome that Daniel used to get when he played video games too long. I suspect ‘C’. I suspect this because I almost blogged a story about a middle-aged woman in India who is busy breastfeeding a monkey for the past 3  years believing it’s her son. And, initially, I thought that was funny. (Well, it is, kinda). And then I got all depressed worrying that while she’s suffering with a terrible hormone imbalance that women of a certain age get and that I can relate to (not the breastfeeding monkey part. One son was enough.) the rest of the world is blogging her story and laughing at her. So I’m on Time Out. But, in case you’ve stopped by I’ve found the perfect Substitute Blog for you.Dscf0023
You’ll like it. Very little reading. Something we can all relate to. It’s The Perfect Family Blog.

7 responses to “Time Out. Substitute Blog

  1. I also have stuff to do – as I am physically at work and my boss would not like me very much right now. But, such is life.

    I love the Perfect Family blog! Very intense story line. Mary’s outfit looks very much like something Miss Vicki would make…

  2. Vickie–imagine my surprise at seeing my daughter’s blog on your site! Betsy just turned 12 and I suspect that she may be gently mocking my optimism about family life…at least she has noticed that I think it is good to get away with one’s spouse occasionally! You really made her day! Shortly after I showed her your post she said, “I need to update my blog!”

    I’m enjoying geting to know you here. So, there IS something good to come out of Ann Arbor! And, your son must be very bright to have chosen a cellist! ;~)

  3. Er, getting…we Spartans know how to spell!

  4. I WONDERED who did that and thought it might be one of yours! 🙂 Made me laugh and laugh! And I worried about poor Miles! It would appear that she views you and Bruce as a happy couple and that’s nice! Let her know that I think someone in the Hawkins family should go on a diet and do more yoga. Thanks for checking in and thank Betsy again for me.

  5. Don’t know if any others have dropped by from Muzikdude’s place, or if I’m the first. He said to stop in and say hi.

    Like your site. Especially liked your earlier post about how you and your husband met. Happy anniversary.

  6. I love the Perfect Family Blog. I had forgotten all about that.

  7. What is it with these women breastfeeding animals? I just read about some woman (geez, was she Indian too?) that’s breastfeeding not one, but two, tiger cubs. But only until they start getting their teeth. Good call, no?

    I’m here via Muzik’s site. Nice to meet ‘ya.

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