After staying up late and eating peanuts in bed (the bed is filling up with bits of shells and peanut skins) and showering this morning with the extra satiny and luxurious 64 ounce size -yes! ONE HALF GALLON!- of  GRAPE shower gel I’m ready to start this day. And this is a special day for me: I begin the search for MULCH. Will I get bagged or a truckload? Cypress or hardwood? How many yards altogether? This is very exciting stuff  and I am looking at temperatures in the high 50s towards the end of the week. Our_orphans_1
Rich will be off on his annual Come To Jesus golf outing so that means that for me, it’s the official opening weekend of the gardening season. YIPPEE! If everything works as it should each child will stop in for precisely one half hour to chit chat and present no major life crisis or need more than 25.00. They will leave happy and after that I will speak to no one. The sun will shine. May_1st_2004_babies_1Sophie and McCloud will snooze on the front deck. I’ll work as long as I want, quitting only when it starts to get dark. I will give the remaining 17.5 pounds of peanuts to the squirrels at the far back of the lot. I will make myself a wonderful soup full of spring greens- maybe a spinach florentine. Get a nice bottle of Chardonnay. Finish The Devil in The White City. Yes, it’s only Tuesday but I am SO looking forward to this weekend! The two pictures in this post are of our orphan ducklings we had last year at exactly this time. Yesterday, there were 3 mallards who looked to be about a year old down in front of the house; wonder if they were checking the address?

5 responses to “GOOOOODDD MORNING!!!!

  1. In the words of Jenorama, Holy Hot Damn! That is the cutest picture!!

    That’s it. You have way too much wildlife and you must share. I am certainly living in the wrong area. Perhaps if I like to take pictures of crime, trash, and an over abundance of people, the city would be perfect. But I don’t, so it’s not. Move over Vicki, you just got yourself some new neighbors.

  2. Hey, Vicki, what is BCMA?

  3. You know, I think the peanuts are The Dickey.

  4. Book Club My Ass. That’s what Mr. Never Swears calls it. Because we mostly sit around playing poker, drinking wine out of the bottle and eating Audrey’s famous secret recipe chocolate air cloud cake. Sometimes we discuss books that we were supposed to read, have a Sopranos TV night with antipasta, or burn everything we can find at a bonfire at the cottage. And we knit. But a lot we play poker and get tipsy.- Oh- we also take good care of each other in times of breast cancer, death, divorce, troubled children and so forth.

  5. Oh my god, that is so funny– I thought it was going to turn out to be some Catholic women’s organization, so for a minute I just stared blankly at the screen going, “What is she talking about?”

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