An update

Almost_there_1Since S,C and A just gave me a nice nod (thank you very much!) by posting a piece I wrote I’m going to give the nod to Bud and Jan. Here are a few of my favorite photos- click to get the full picture.



4 responses to “An update

  1. I enjoyed your wonderful post ant the shrink’s place this morning! You are a dear daughter, mother, and sister! I, too, love the U.P. and camped there many summers with my family as a girl.

    You seem much too sweet and kind to be an alumna of U of M! Can it be true?! (MSU ’76 here)

  2. Are they “Ever Awake”?

  3. hahahahaha! That is VERY funny! And the answer is yes- they perk right up in the middle of the night. I know this because up in the guest room all is quiet and then blam! CNN is blaring away between 2 and 7 AM right underneath me. Then when I go downstairs at 715 AM they’re sound asleep again. go figure.

  4. Do they talk like Yoopers? Cute pictures, they look like they might be a bit feisty.

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