What’s all this white stuff?

I left Bud and Jan and Lost Loon Lodge both reluctantly and eager to be home, near my own toilet. And discovered that it spent the weekend snowing here. My daffodils are blooming and covered with snow. Bud_and_jan_show_04
It was a good weekend and a hard weekend. I enjoy my parents and I worry about them terribly. I think I’ll try to write up a more serious post about caring for one’s aging parents but in the meantime I would like to say that rarely have I seen 80 year olds so savvy, so smart, so aware and so feisty and independent. Unfortunately they are also both dealing with significant health concerns, especially my mother. Bud cares for her better than anyone could ever hope for in their wildest dreams. They yell and bicker and spend 5 hours trying to decide where to hang the new birdhouse. Bud makes passes at her even as he helps her into an extra layer of warmth.  I suspect that if and when your parents are 80 they might bear some resemblance; certainly the worry and love and anxiety of what is to come will. If you check out the photo albumAward I just posted on The Bud and Jan Show you will get a glimpse of who they are, where they choose to live and how they care for this earth. And what they have in their refrigerator.

One response to “What’s all this white stuff?

  1. Gawd, that last line just killed me.

    My parents are not near 80 yet, but I am rivoted. R-I-V-O-T-E-D because my mother has SIGNIFICANT health problems, including rheumatoid arthritis, and is on morphine for it.

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