The first picture is Bud and Jan’s refrigerator. I have no further comment on this because I think the picture says it all. Then there is the infamous composting toilet. Note that the seat is level with the sink top. Now imagine getting your fanny up there.  Click for fuller appreciation.                                                                                                                     Refrigerator2Sunmarexcel

5 responses to “BUD AND JAN APPLIANCES

  1. It is not nearly as bad as I had imagined… but i haven’t seen it with the lid UP, either.

    Last summer, we stayed at a cabin in Minnesota for nearly a week and had our very own outhouse for a week too, so it takes quite a bit to rattle me.

  2. You know, just their NAMES, Bud and Jan– it’s incredible. I feel like they should have their own TV show.

  3. Precisely- I just couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of it with the lid up.

  4. There’s no way all the goodies you brought fit in that fridge. Did you eat them all the first night or did you BYOF (bring your own fridge)?

    As for the toilet, I went to Girl Scout camp (yes, long ago) where the only bathrooms were latrines (okay, outhouses). That was enough of latrines/outhouses/portapotties/portajohns (can anyone think of another word for them?) to last me a lifetime. I don’t think I could handle one in the house.

  5. Carolyn- this is standard for their frig. Last Thanksgiving we took up a huge cooler that sits outside the backdoor for overflow. Also, They have a full size freezer and another full size refrigerator freezer in the garage. As I’ve said before- they’re not planning on leaving.

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