Egg Tooth to Earth! Egg Tooth to Earth!

Abby just tried to call me from California where she is visiting her friend, Andrea. I would have loved to chat with her since she has a true and irrational fear of flying (despite NO fear of diving into great deep black holes of the ocean) and I’d like to hear how she did on the flight but alas, no cell phone reception up here. Surprise, surprise. Last I saw Dan he was leaving the Mehldau/Scofield concert in a rush because he had to play a gig beginning at midnight at Fishbones down in Detroit. Rich- well, he left two days before I did for business elsewhere and we haven’t been able to chat much at all. So everybody is all spread out and it’s a little disconcerting. I miss these people.

I went a couple times to try and photograph the Bald Eagles for sp00kalot but the wind is very high and I couldn’t make out anything through the telephoto except dark lumps in the area of the nest. Bud is getting ready to make some kind of “really good snack” but neither of them can remember what they’re called; Bud thinks chihuahua cacitas and Schwann’s makes them. Yum. Can’t wait.

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of when Rich and I met. I’ll give you three guesses how we met before I write that little blog for tomorrow. Now Bud is standing here with a box that says Chicken Taquitos, singing ay, yi, yi ,yi and asking my mom if she wants to dance…she says, “Oh! We’re missing The Capitol Gang on TV!”


One response to “Egg Tooth to Earth! Egg Tooth to Earth!

  1. Do i have to go back and look through your posts to see how you guys met?

    Were you doing the hokey pokey? Did you turn yourselves around?

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